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1) I would get some of my favorite SdJ winning games; Ticket to Ride, Carcassonne, Alhambra and Thurn and Taxis. Terraforming Mars would be a good investment as well.

2) Probably Tokaido Deluxe is what most interests me.

Crokinole is so much fun! I also have a Mayday board but have had no problems with it. Have you tried re-waxing the board over that sanding spot?

I like Scythe. It is just a good game with no set path to victory. It is an area control game but it is not a wargame. The last time I played it I won the game, but never initiated nor won a conflict.

I love Everdell. The theme fits well with my family and it is fairly simple to understand.

Fortunately our larger group has no AP prone players. However, I do sometimes play with some people who are very AP prone. I will keep plays of Everdell with them to a smaller player count.

I have played and love the base game several times already. The expansions are to help mix things up a bit. I list Bellfaire second more for the extra player pieces than for the modules. We occasionally have five or six players in our group. This would then be one more game we could all play together with a group of 5 or 6.

No. I don't have any yet. I would get Spirecrest first. Then Bellfaire and finally Pearlbrook.

Congrats to both winners.

And as always, I would get Everdell expansions.

Some very impressive trick shots! Exactly how much time was spent to make this less than 3 minute video?

I actually prefer the old style art. Perhaps I am just accustomed to it. I cannot afford to replace my game as I have all of the expansions in the old art style so I will just hang onto it.

Glad to hear this! I really enjoyed your game reviews at EBG.

I played Scythe last night (4 players). This is the fourth time I have played the game, but last night after the game, I kept thinking what a good game it really was. I happened to win the game, but that was not the reason for my thoughts. The game was fun! The gameplay was smooth, once we had re-learned the rules. There are multiple paths to victory. I think there were only fiveor six battles during the entire game and I did not win one. Nevertheless, I was the one to place all six stars. It left me wanting to play it again, which is a sign of a really good game.

Prelude is an essential TM expansion imho.

Congrats Gabor!

Everdell expansion(s) as usual.

Cartographers and the King's Dilemma are the two I had heard of. I will watch for Trent's reviews.

I'm glad to hear that the game time is not significantly increased by the expansions. My wife is not a fan of long games but she does like the base game well enough. She never comes to the table until I get the game set up anyway so that is not much of an issue. Now I want to go get the expansions.

Thanks for posting this.

I had only even heard of two of the nominees until they were released... I have not played any of them.