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That sounds so great! I'm going to get it in the next month or two then. Just looking for a decent price around here

This looks great! I did not buy #Gloomhaven, because is just too big and expensive, but Jaws of the Lion is very tempting. I look forward to your impressions!

The list makes sense, but I never could understand what people see in #Scythe, even though I like many other Stonemaier games. It just felt extremely dry and unfocused, even though it is a decent game - a 7/10 for me. Something I could see myself playing if others really wanted, but not with excitement.

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg is a good example. We played it a lot at 2p and then showed it to another friend. She did miserably at first, because she played way too aggresively, but suddenly, she got so many rat tails that it almost seemed like a deliberate strategy. I only managed to beat her narrowly as her last turns where just phenomenal and full of points. It gave me new appreciation for the catch up mechanism in that game (obviously, Quacks is a game that you play for the fun, excitement and unpredictability, not to optimise your strategy).

Another example would be teaching #Wingspan. I always pick a strategy that does not look that well to me and try to do something interesting with it. My first 20 plays made me believe that predatory birds are just not that good, but after a couple of plays where I focused almost exclusively on them to give new players a better chance, I now love having them in my tableau.

Thanks for recommending #Clans of Caledonia, I'll look into it!

The setup for #Brass: Birmingham is rather lengthy for my tastes, but I am able to play a game in less than two hours (between taking the box off the shelf and putting it back). If you see the game being played multiplayer as well, it's really worth it. The solo mode is something I'll try maybe twice a month, because it feels exhausting (in a good way, though!).

I usually play as well as I can, so that they have some satisfaction when they win, but I treat people's first games as a kind of first game for me as well - I go for strategies that I never tried before and see how it will work out. This way we all learn something new and the playing field is more level as I go against what usually led me to good results without playing poorly just to let others have fun. I actually look forward to playing something with a new group because of that. There are some games that really opened up for me when I showed them to new players and tried doing this!

Again, lots of #Spirit Island solo - I will move the difficulty up as soon as I try all the spirits. I loved the Ocean's Hungry Grasp as it changes the decision space considerably.

Other than that, some
#Wavelength with friends (a superb party game, now that friends' visits are allowed), and one 2p game of #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition

I didn't have much time for games this week, but it should be better now!

I don't buy many expansions (and games in general), so I am always slow to pull the trigger on new boxes, but the Oceania expansion might be something I'll get as soon as there are some details about its mechanisms. I look forward to seeing all the fresh birds!

I should note things, though: I don't have many games. My collection is around 25 titles and a lot of it is party games, which just didn't get played recently. I try to play the things I have as much as I can, even if I get tired of them eventually (which either puts them on hiatus or moves them to the sell/trade pile). I also don't care about trying every hottest game, so this gives more time to play the favourites.

I also prefer games that are more tactical than strategic. I am not good at formulating long-term plans and rarely try. I'd rather react to the current board state and often play on instinct instead of calculating everything (as do my fellow players, which allows us to play games very quickly). So I like randomness, especially of the kind that gives you different options every turn and asks you to create something interesting out of them.

If my playstyle/preferences sound like something that you might share, then #Wingspan should be very replayable. There are games when the card draw or food dice screw you over a little, but this unpredictability makes it exciting when you actually get a great score. It might be random if you are the person that wants everything planned a few turns in advance, but the game usually gives you a couple of viable options every turn (which you can further focus through your engine), so you always have plenty of influence over what's going on.

In general, I find that the random card draw doesn't create constraints, but forces you to try new combos and disrupts any patterns you might have developed.

I've played Wingspan for the last 5 months almost every week (and often a couple of times a week) and see a lot of staying power, especially if you consider expansions (the European one is great). There are many viable strategies and the birds that come up never allow you to fully settle on just one - you need to adapt and this is where the fun and replayability come from.

We're the same, then! Will let you know if I end up getting it.

I play solo games, but I approach them differently than multiplayer ones. I value social experiences when playing with other and we often spend as much time talking as making the moves. I like my solo games to be nice puzzles that help me wind down after a day of working in front of a computer - the closest comparison would be a sudoku puzzle, but more complex and involved, while less predictable.

My favourite solo games are #Spirit Island, #Wingspan, #The Isle of Cats and #Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition. When I want something really demanding, I play #Brass: Birmingham with a fan made mAutoma - great fun, but I always end up tired afterwards, although in a good way.

I want solo games to be quite easy to manage. If I am spending more time on doing setup and taking care of its systems than making my own decisions, then I am out. That's also why I don't like
#Arkham Horror: The Card Game. There is just way to much preparation, upkeep and management of new locations, enemies and events to truly let me have fun.

I'd say #Marvel Champions: The Card Game and #The Isle of Cats have a good chance of appearing high on the list. I played the former and it was enjoyable, although I am aware that many people like it very much. As for #The Isle of Cats, it's a great game with a very clever solo mode. I'd be suprised if it weren't broadly adopted by the solo community.

No, not yet, but it looks great. For some reason I can't convince myself to get it, but it seems like something that should fit well with my and my wife's tastes.

I'm really the same - I got it a week ago and have already logged 6 plays. Phenomenal game! My wife also enjoyed it, even though her first game was at first a bit overwhelming to her. It's certainly a keeper.

Lots of #Spirit Island (mostly solo and once with my wife) and two solo games of #The Isle of Cats. Both are great solo games that will stick around in my collection. Other than that, just one solo game of Wingspan and a lot of #That's Pretty Clever on my phone. We also had a couple of friends now that visits are allowed here and we tried #Wavelength, which might now be my favourite party game. 

I especially love the variability of Spirit Island. With that said, I am already thinking about picking up the expansion just to get the event deck (I would welcome the unpredictability)

Since I got #Spirit Island recently, I would love to grab the #Spirit Island Branch & Claw Expansion

Or maybe I will finally pull the trigger on #Flamme Rouge?

Congratulations! I look forward to seeing your choices

I recently got #Spirit Island and it quickly became one of my favourite games, especially for its solo play. I can see it not being to everybody's liking, but it should at least be on the list. And the theme is so cool!

I really enjoy #Brass: Birmingham with the fan made Mautoma (which can even be played with a web-app version). It's very simple to manage once you get the grasp of it and the automa actually simulates a human opponent well. If only I could shorten the setup considerably...