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Haha I am sure they would work perfectly. They are a great size and very sturdy. They would also be a great conversation piece when you bring it to game night....you may disappoint some people when you don't pull out pizza though :D

Yeah that is really cool. The thin gold lines are subtle, but it makes it pop quite nicely!

I found a picture of the Bad Coffee one and I like that one too. Couldn't find a picture of the Steelhead Coffee one (just found a bunch of pictures of their logo), but it sounds cool!

I do have a board game bag from boardgametable.com actually! Works pretty well and has a big strap on it and backpack straps. I looked up the Cajon though and those look pretty good too. May have to look into one if mine ever bites the dust.

So awesome for you guys to do something like this! Really appreciate everything you guys do with this site.

That is pretty interesting. What are some of your favorite/coolest that you have gotten?

Oh that is a wonderful idea! I will definitely do that with the sticker sheet. I like to put genres together in my kallax but we have the drawers/door options so you can't see everything in plain sight so the stickers would be awesome for that

Ok cool thanks for the heads up I made the edit. But yeah I guess that makes the most sense having it on a bag. I never like pinning to my shirt because of the little holes it leaves when you take it on and off. I'd imagine if it's on a bag you can just put it there and leave it! Thanks for the tip.