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Co-founder of Board Game Atlas. My current 5 favorite games* are:

*Subject to change at least once every week.


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Probably not a video, but a written one for sure :D

Woah. That's a diverse set of games right there! Which one are you looking forward to trying out the most?

It's been a while since I've purchased a game. But I did order #CloudAge to have as an office copy and it arrived last week. Looking forward to trying it out.

Nice :)

When you say "new factions" for Root, do you mean the ones included in the upcoming expansion??

That's awesome. I think I heard a while back that Cole made slight design adjustments at some point. Did you get to experience those changes? Also, I remember seeing people commenting about the end of the game all depending on just a die roll and how that felt unsatisfying. I believe that part got addressed as well?

I'm looking forward to trying out our office copy :)

Am I correct in assuming that you must own another title by Chip Theory Games? :D

Love the color choices. Doesn't come across as overwhelming or tacky. How has the gameplay been by the way? Any games you'd draw comparisons from? I've seen a lot of comments before by people who tried on TTS and they weren't too sure what to make of it.

Have you heard about Ahoy yet?

Oh? If the gameplay looked good enough to make even you consider backing, then I should check out more info on it haha

Sounds like the kind of thing they did with Trajan. The mood of the box cover and the game being completely different haha

I'm thinking about watching some of Cole's streams and putting together an article walking through the changes and other details!

Those llama meeples

Coffee Traders seemed to have a lot going on but it sure looks amazing. Oh and Canvas looked really cool. Love the idea behind the layering mechanic. And It's different, but I was interested in #Dead Reckoning after seeing the card crafting mechanic. You have your own deck of cards that represent your crew, and each of the cards are sleeved. You upgrade a crew member by sliding in transparent cards that change up their stats/abilities

I'd say no, and even if he did, the only times we play games together are when it's with 4 players (me and my wife and him and his wife haha). When we play games at the office, it's for "work" in terms of reviewing or making content

Ahh playing catch-up I see :)

You know I'm somewhat glad I haven't tried out one of their games. I'd have a hard time resisting every one of their Kickstarters if I liked one of them. So far I've never looked too far into their campaigns because I feel overwhelmed when seeing big box games with tons and tons of content/miniatures/rules/etc

Ahhhh yes, Rococo Deluxe looks awesome (sure is expensive though). In terms of theme, I agree, GAH is better. Marco Polo's theme is quite forgettable and it's the solid mechanics that hold it all together. Also why it doesn't have as much staying power in terms of getting to the table more.

What are some other games you've tried that have story elements? The more games I play, the more I've also been seeing that I like games with more theme, more immersion, more feeling of progression happening with each session, etc

I still have a copy in our office that we need to give away. Maybe you'll be that lucky winner! :)

I didn't realize that Final Girl had ties with #Hostage Negotiator, which I've been interested in purchasing. Horror isn't a theme I'm drawn to when it comes to board games, but I do like the idea of the gameplay!