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Pax Pamir (2nd Edition) First Impressions [Pax Pamir (Second Edition)]LoveLike| 28 comments | [+]
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Game night! Like| 29 comments | [+]
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RR has been really fun for me! I am curious if I would like it as a physical copy as much as I do on BGA. The turns are just really snappy. 

I loved Hansa. I think it is interesting leaching off people and just the simplicity of the actions with the complexity in strategy is really interesting! The last game we played seemed to have an overpowered strategy employed but we did not catch it in time or react to it soon enough to combat it unfortunately. we will see if it becomes broken. 

Also got an attempt on #Aeon's End: Legacy scenario 8 in and got crushed. It is not an easy scenario!!

Pretty decent week of gaming because inline gaming picked up a little!

  • #Too Many Bones Solo with Gasket and got my booty handed to me. I did build him well for the Tyrrant I was fighting! Fun concepts though that I can see being fun to play with!
  • #Carnegie on BGA twice. First game I did not know what I was doing at all...scored very poorly. Second game I understood more and made it more competitive. Lots of messing with people here!
  • #Russian Railroads on BGA. I have been enjoying this one quite a bit actually. Fun action chaining and reward systems here. 
  • #Fort @ 3-players. Really enjoyed this. I took the backpack strategy and rushed the game allowing me to win pretty handily!
  • #Hansa Teutonica: Big Box # 3-players X2 - This was a total win. Great game and quick turns make it super interesting. There is a kind of an overpowered strategy that came up but it will never happen again under my watch...

I was able to get a play of this on BGA as well. It is an interesting game, not the most intuitive as far as rules go BUT interesting design choices for sure that make it unique. 

I was not expecting number 6!! That is very exciting!!

Definitely the first I am hearing of this! That is exciting! I am not burned out on it yet. I think the scenarios are interesting enough and I like the structure of it a lot!

I was actually on vacation this last week so not much gaming occurred, but it as definitely refreshing to take some time off!

  • #Star Realms - taught my wife this one and she enjoyed it! She pretended to be a fighter pilot the whole game lol and she crushed me so that helps!
  • #Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - Solo - I took it to Wakhan this time around. I made it hard for her to do much and hoarded money. Fun play!
  • #Russian Railroads x2 on the other BGA. I have been enjoying this! I see how it can be a one trick pony but it is a fun one! 
  • #Too Many Bones last night (I am counting it since it was a holiday :)) - first play with Gasket and he is fun! I can see how he can be powerful but also volatile. I did not build him well and lost the Tyrrant fight but I am looking forward to playing him again!

Got a buddy of mine who picked up Oath so I'm pumped for that!! 
Coffee Traders is up there too. Currently evaluating if I could get away with it knowing I'd probably only play once a year lol

For sure, I did not hate it at all, I think I just have other games I would prefer to play in that time space. Something like Star Realms is a more interesting decision space for me thought it might take slightly more time. 

It truly is a blast. I immediately started looking into how to get or build a board after I played lol. 

Had a nice week of new games to hit the table!

  • #The Climbers @ 3-players. Really enjoyed this one. Learned a lot from my play like slow and steady is not always bad lol
  • #Beyond Baker Street @ 3-players. Tricky little game. All about beating Sherlock and clue giving in a limited capacity. Enjoyed it more than I thought!
  • #Ragusa @ 2-players. Nice little game here too. Quick turns and quick games with some more meaty decisions. Learned from my mistakes here as well lol.
  • #Crokinole I LOVE THIS GAME. I am thinking about making a board with my Dad I love it so much.
  • #Jixia Academy It was fine, nothing to write home about on this one. Quick play with limited actions but nothing special in my book.
  • #Brass: Birmingham Solo play. This was my third time playing with the solo variant and I really enjoyed it. They were definitely taking my beer when I did not want them to and building over things that I had my eye on. I am getting a good rhythm on this and am happy about it!

Oh nice! That is really cool! I like the history/fun facts there. I feel like you could do something like this with all of Cole's games. Pax Pamir = Return of a King, Oath = all of history lol

Understandably so! It looks great and worth sharing! Great upgrade. 

Just saw that! I think with moderation it could work! That way you do not feel too swamped! You could even ask users directly who have those games on their list of owned games to write those descriptions and credit them on those pages?

This truly is a quality of life upgrade! Making big moves here! And I am digging the personalized commentary on the pages as well :) Gotta get more games played so you can add more of those in there!

Lol I play by the seat of my pants most of the time and learn from being a dumb dumb lol. You will always have someone to beat!

I do not think I knew you worked in the design side of the site, so that is fun!

I cannot wait ot hear your impressions of the game!! Not that I need more convinving to get it but you have been excited about it for as long as I have been!

Pulling out a calculator??? Dang that is an aggressive move!

Haha You guys were on a roll for a bit! Life got busy huh??

I definitely see a couple of those being up there! I will look into Black Orchestra though!