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Yes!! You took the jump wow. Some star wars love.

So I must confess I did end up backing burncycle... Their campaing ended yesterday. 

I agree, its totally okay since its his review and he can do whatever metric he wants but on some ocassions I've seen some very "just okay" games get their approval. But its his style and NPI has their style which is usually very critical.  

I preffer NPI cause I enjoy that very critical element and insight. Even though it migh be a very popular great game, they highlight some short comings even if they liked it themselves. 

Yes! Inis in the spotlight! Its probably my favorite game so far and one of the first I bought when getting into the hobby. I'd like some thoughts on it from whoever wins. 

I'm really excited to see the new art for Hoplo. I read the original was the first ctg game, even the art was free use pictures from the internet lol. Lots of lessons learned from back then. The theme of the game is very appealing to me, the dated look of the original put me off a little bit though.

what are your thougths on this one?

Oh i understand. There's definetly a lot to critique on kickstarters. I've only ever bought 1 game there up until now. 

It does seem that way, but I suspect that number has more to do with the minimum amount of money they need to make an initial manufacturing run. I feel this is better than just putting a big goal amount just cause they think theyll achieve it.


Oh lord, so many times for me. I always cringe cause I see people at the table trying to keep up and then spacing out because it gets convoluted and confusing.

Did you see the minis add-on? Oh Chip theory...

They are showing the new map art today! I like the direction they took with the art, I'm not in love with the robots but they look cool. 

That KS tier is crazy and they had that for previous campaigns. Its quite the upfront cost lol. 

I was sure I was gonna back it. Now I see the price tag and its a maybe for now lol

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion ! I was patiently waiting for a price drop since I wasnt gonna play it anytime soon. Finally happened about a month back.