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A woman living in New York who is married to @DMSamuel. 

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4 is Wingspan, 7 is Tsuro, 8 is Takenoko.

You can start a thread from a game's forum, but you still have to use the blue Link Game button afaik, it doesn't assign a thread to a game automatically. 

Maybe the people who worked with the baby sleep consultant were gay parents, or trying to adopt, and hurt by trump's actions against them, especially his last-minute actions on his way out the door, just to make it clear how his administration felt about them.

Maybe they had family members who were no longer allowed to serve in the miliary, or family members who were afraid of losing their marriage because of the trump administration and the SCOTUS seats they put through, after blocking President Obama's SCOTUS nomination. Losing marriage equality would mean they could lose their health insurance through their spouse's employer, lose their tax filing status, lose their ability to visit their spouse in the hospital, lose their ability to inherit easily, and a bunch of other things that are about more than a white dress and a catered luncheon.

Maybe those parents had been afraid when the health care vote had taken place, how they could have lost their health care and/or prenatal care under trump's health care plan, or how, if they had a child that had issues and needed hospitalization, their child could meet their lifetime cap in the first months or years of life. Or have pre-existing conditions for which they could be refused health care.

Maybe they have veterans in their family, as many of us do, and were offended by trump calling them suckers and losers, or saying that he likes people who weren't captured. 

Maybe they lost family members and friends to COVID-19, and remember trump calling it a hoax, and blocking the USPS from sending out masks last April. Maybe, like us, they haven't seen their parents in over a year, and now, when finally it seemed like shots were going to happen, it turns out the trump administration was lying about there being a stockpile for second doses. trump never ramped up production with the defense production act, and didn't actually have any set aside for second doses, so people's appointments have to be pushed back, to get what's available to the people who had their first shot.

I could go on with four more years of reasons why someone could feel that way and choose not to support them, because of things that sleep consultant supported that would have hurt them and/or their family.

It's a little bit of a work-around, but put in a name like Santa Claus so that it gives you the link to make a new name.

You could have bought two copies of Nemesis with change leftover for a copy of Azul.

After buying Glory to Rome Black Box Edition, all games seem cheap.

I would say 40 to 45 minutes with 2p that know the game. Last time we taught it to someone, I remember it being maybe an hour and fifteen minutes-ish? One side or the other of an hour.

Generally enjoyable, depending on your tastes and table space. Innovation was swingy in a less-good way for us. 

It can be a big, swingy, rollercoaster of craziness.

For a cleaner, smaller, cheaper Glory to Rome experience, #Mottainai is perhaps closer than Innovation.

The tech tree and the two different areas to keep an eye on have a lot in common with #Roads & Boats (the planet board is somewhat like the Wonder, you don't want to let another person have it too easily, but it may be more advantageous to advance your abilities on the main board). 

I've logged 51 plays of #Glory To Rome, most recently with Adley (a rarity to play with more than 2p). I could see it being a lot of fun to have 3 evenly matched players who played it about once a month, and felt comfortable enough to see how they could stretch it in different directions. 

I took Astronomy in college. We had night labs with a telescope. I enjoyed it.

#Planetarium is under the tree at the moment. The description says, "The thematics of the game have been developed with an eye on the science, led by a scientist working on NASA's search for life on Mars." which I thought my husband would appreciate.

I played #Beyond the Sun a couple of times on TTS. It's interesting 3p with other people, but it has too much interaction (especially with colonizing) for us 2p.

Still time to get games from Miniature Market for guaranteed Christmas delivery: order with 2 Day Air by Monday, Dec. 21st (11:59pm Central).

My mother in law lives quite close to Trent and Phil, and even when we were in Ithaca, thought we were in NYC (4.5 hours away from Ithaca).

Now I'm about 75 miles from NYC. cbrady748 drives almost by my house, and it literally is a one-stoplight town. We see bears and bald eagles.