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Has playing a game ever made you want to sell another game you own? [Architects of the West Kingdom]Like| 9 comments | [+]
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For me, 2020 was a highly personal year for gaming. It made me reassess what I found important in a game and therefore I sold many games, including my once beloved #Scythe. I also bought many more light games that have become a big hit with the family (my main gaming group) like #Queendomino and #Draftosaurus, the latter being the hit of the year as far as I'm concerned. Still, I bought some games like #Lost Ruins of Arnak and I desire some other new games like #Beyond the Sun but mostly I'm content.

Looking foward to some new games and expansion in 2021 from my favorite Garphill Games, but 2020 has shown me not to consume, but to appreciate and really figure out what I want out of a board game.

Always a pleasure to see Steph's videos. Some great games and games I'd like to check out and as always she's hilarious!

TTS is the best value in board gaming. In a COVID and even in a post-COVID world the amount of game you get for $10 is incredible. Just get your friends in on it too. I'm not sure I'd want to play with randos.

I've played Arnak twice, once on TTS and once with the physical game and it's a treat. It feels pretty overwhelming at first because there's so many things you can do and so few resources to do it, but as the rounds progress it cascades into "I do this to take that to get one of these" on and on. It reminds me of Everdell without the tablau building. It's a good game with good components (besides the board and cards) and I recommmend it.

I'm kind of a Instagram posting noob, what does it mean to tag someone? Just put thier @ name in my comment? Oh, and I want Beyond the Sun by the way. :)

I'm sure it's not this simple, but in the age of COVID, if they have ideas for factions that are small, why not a 2 player themed expansion and make 4+ (for variety) factions that are used for a two player game only. Tune them for that player count. Then you can turn Root into this Swiss Army Game of:

  1. Good solo play with Clockwork
  2. Good at 2 players with the 2 Player Expansion
  3. Good at 3+ with the base game plus all current expansions

Or heck, just make it an "expandalone" like Villianous and Funkoverse has.

Adding dummy players to solve the 2 player issue seems short sighted. There's already many ways to add an automated faction. Make it as simple as you want, but it's the same solution that's been there for since launch.

I'll keep my eye on it,but every KS I've done with Leder has had some sort if issue with the first version that required some band aid to make up for. I'll wait for the second printing.

Everdell was one that really surprised me. I thought at the beginning that it was so limiting. Then by the end I'm trying to squeek out everything I can with some really tight decisions. I love it. Though pass on Pearlbrook, that seems like a waste all around. In looking at Lost Ruins of Arnak I can see some siliarities to Everdell.

Viticulture was a game I was ready to sell before I got Tuscany as a gift. I don't use anything in Tuscany but the new board, but the board alone saves the game for me. I'll never play without it.

I think I agree with most of the critiques. I really liked it at first but I've cooled on it as of late. I'd like to play with some higher player counts, but, ya know, COVID. I've only played with 2 and that's been pretty good. It's lean and fairly easy to teach so it stays in the collection for now.

  1. If I had to start over, knowing what I know now, I'd choose these:
    1. Everdell
    2. Raiders of the North Sea w/ Hall of Heroes (or maybe just Raiders of Scythia)
    3. Viticulture EE with Tuscany purely for the new board
  2. A hard to find game? I don't think I have an answer for that.

So glad to hear someone go with a sci-fi theme to avoid the pitfalls of historic settings. Just go nuts with sci-fi people!

Interested on your thoughts on Skulk Hollow. I'm looking at more and more 2 player only games.

Got a good laugh when you hit the attitude portion and it was like "Come listen to Uncle Jay give you some life lessons". So true though. And I'm totally going to use "have a sad" from now on.

Also, the bit about blaming the dice or whatever. I had a friend that would always complain about the ball when we played basketball. The balls too hard, too soft, too smooth. He was bad at basketball. I was bad at basketball. We all were really, but we were just trying to have a little fun but always the ball was the issue. In basketball as with in board games.

Well that looks delightful. I'm all for losing the ancient gods theme for something more general.

I would take literally anything. I know of games like #Eclipse: Second Dawn for the Galaxy and #Empires of the Void II but I guess I'm looking for just games using this universe. Lighter games sure. Using these factions and universe for different kinds of games, of course. For a game with so much history for FFG I'm surprised it doesn't get more love than the 1(2) game.

I'd love to play TI. I really, really do. I love that this expansion exists. What I'd really love is some new, smaller games in the TI universe. I know about #Rex: Final Days of an Empire but that's a reskin of Dune and something that benefits from a large player count. I'd love to see a 2-4 player game in this universe. It's so diverse and cool and it seems like they really have some lore and have put thought into it. Instead, if it's a space game, it's Star Wars. That's it. Man oh man do I want more space games but i'd love to see some space games in new environments and the TI universe has been around for AGES.

I guess I'm just tired of generic fantasy and yet another licenced game. I applaud this TI expansion. I love that it exists though I may never play it.

Well that feature isn't something I didn't know I needed but now can't live without.

Played it last night on TTS with a couple of friends and it was good fun. Light but still thinky. I had a strategy that wanted to play out, I played it out and I won. It's really a slick game that I'll be getting a physical version. (which I'm not doing too much now days)

Everdell is one of my favorite games. The tableau building leads to the last few turns of autumn being tense and full of "how to I sqeeze the most I can out of this?" decisions. I don't have a copy myself, but someday I wll.

This topic speaks to me because I've gotten sick and tired of fantasy and fantasy tropes in games and I want to see more cyberpunk and sci-fi in board games. It's time. The fact that FFG has never done anything with the TI universe besides TI and #Rex: Final Days of an Empire I'll never know. Anywho, please stop fantasy, please, stop. I think there's a post in there somewhere....

I don't have a ton of space games myself (I want to) but some that I really like are #Circadians: First Light and #Star Wars: Outer Rim. Circadians is a great dice placement game with a sharp theme and resource bits that are just too dang small. Outer Rim is a great space adventure that can be a load of fun but if someone isn't playing towards the objective and instead having a space adventure the game time can spiral to obnoxious lengths.

If I had a nickle for every time I've bugged Kyle Ferrin on twitter to do more sci-fi art and Leder Games to make a dang sci-fi game...we'll I'd have a heck of a lot of nickles.

Can you expand on this a little bit? There's some cheap copies of it available locally and I've thought about getting it, but with a main player count of 2 right now it seems like a huge game that I'd get very litte out of at the moment.