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Played On Mars

Wow this sounds really cool. I'm definitely interested. 

I had hoped it would be fun and it ended up being even more fun than I expected. 

Thanks! It was a really fun review to write. 

I don't own too many games with paper money and yes, it is quaint and kind of nice. 

I think this sounds awesome. I especially like the idea of the new front page. Love the ideas! Keep 'em coming!

Lol. Didn't even know that was an option.  

I'm not sad that I traded#Baseball Highlights: 2045 away. I'm just not that into the theme. I'm glad you enjoy the game though. 

I think it would be fun to cooperate with other players. It would also be fun to get $10 every time someone else completed a mission because your budget is always $25. 

Hmm. Space exploration is dangerous. The randomness in this game feels incredibly thematic.

If you don't want to take risks you can test everything but you might not win in time. 

I would say#Root. It seems like the faction asymmetry tends to create unique game states no matter the player count. Although it's helpful at lower player counts to use the AI. 

This looks great and a lot more professional. Well done. 

Wow that's awesome 

Two genres that I've yet to explore are 18xx and war games. I am definitely interested in both of them and will eventually attempt to acquire one from each category. recommended a good solo 18xx so I'll definitely start there. As far as a war game - I don't really know. Maybe#Thunderbolt Apache Leader?

Welcome to all the new users!

Probably Race for the Galaxy.  There is a lot going on in On Mars.