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Marshwiggle92 5,207

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I have played gateway games since 2004. I was happy with only playing gateway style games alongside some mass market staples until I played Fief: France 1429 at a family reunion in 2016. I was hooked at that point. At that point I was living in rural Kansas, and there were a number of young men that I could invite over to play games. 

However, in early 2019 I moved to rural El Salvador. Here I work as an administrator for a small non profit clinic that serves a rural area. There are still people that I can and do play some games with. But it is not the semi regular group that I had had, it is mostly my wife and I. So, this has dramatically increased my interest in games that solo well, and that play well with two players. 

At the moment I am trying to build out my solo collection. I prefer games with a AI or a coop to games that only have a "beat your own score solo variant." 

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