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I have heard good things about cosmic encounter, i'll have to check it out someday. Put that one on the 'ol bucket list of games to play. :)

It's interesting. I like the idea of hidden information in a lot of forms so I'll count it!

It's a light programming game. You have moves on cards that you need to play in order to get your koi to eat frogs and dragonflies. However, the environments and other people's fish can provide challenges. 

#Koi is fun. It was done by Smirk & Laughter games. It's a gorgeous looking game. Aesthetics are part of the game, it's quite interesting.

I did it with #Koi and #Century: Golem Edition

Maybe I just got lucky but I love both games.

Mechanics are the core of any game but I am firm believer that you need to at least be thinking about what is happening graphically and physically when doing a design. It will change your design ideas and mechanics of the design should be considered.

I am going to have to look up Biblios, Harvest Dice, and Jaipur.

Yup, and that is why it is so important. It needs to look interesting in order to do more research. :)

Yout totally should! I would read it. :)


I'm with here. I want to know the 10 games you found that she enjoys. 

That's awesome! One person once put it that we need to meet people where they are, and then work from there. I think that's what we need to be doing for people. So if they only know Monopoly, find out what they like about it. Then work on building from there. Same with Risk and any number of other games. It's awesome though if you have a group of people who like and play different games as that is a great way to learn and play a wide variety of them. Helps when you are looking to fill in some spots on that new game shelf you have been eyeing. :)

This is awesome! Thank you for a well-thought out response. I am already thinking of some things I can change in my rulebook to help people teach the game. This is very good feedback from a teaching perspective, which is something rules writers should be thinking about.

Yeah, super helpful when getting a used game to make sure I have everything. Plus, I get to see the visuals and names of things. What is a character card look like, what is a chant coin?