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Nice! Sadly, it's always been a little too far for me to travel to but maybe one day

I also recently got #Jixia Academy and really like the mechanic of having to let your opponent chose. The game isn't our favourite but I do appreciate whenever a game makes me think differently to normal!

Nice set of plays, I have been eyeing up #Raptor as a possible two player game for my partner and I. It seems not too heavy as she isn't as into games as I am but does enjoy strong themes and relatively straightforward games. Do you think it would be a good choice?

The crew is definitely one I think my family would enjoy, we all love card games and these feels like a good step up from them.

Nice! I've not come across #The Agents before, what about it works and what do you think the optimum number of players would be?

Played a little #Flamme Rouge with my partner and added third bot rider which worked surprisingly well.

Then played some #Alhambra and #Keyflower on board game arena

I end up playing most of my games on the floor because we don't have a big enough table :D

Yeah, I think maybe a long way in the future I might end up getting one, as a retirement gift to myself :D

Yeah, the properly fancy ones would easily make a good dining table (with cup holders!)

Nice, yeah, I can imagine it being not having to search around on the floor for that one cube that is the same colour as the carpet

Yeah, I really enjoy their focus on how a game feels to play

Yeah, I really enjoyed them bouncing off one another: two veterans in their element