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That image reminded me that I'd probably invest the money in Pax Pamir. Still haven't played it but I love it for the visual appeal alone already.

As someone who has been going to the Essen Spiel since ~forever, I used to have really bad FOMO in regards to games that I could only realistically get there. I'd get super worried I might not be able to snag up a copy, and would go to great lengths to import them if I missed them.

Curiously, modern Kickstarter board games have utterly destroyed this part for me, and in the process have killed any FOMO I sometimes I had entirely. Since I no longer look forward to "picking up" games at Essen (since half the booths just tell you "Oh we're not selling you anything, but you can back our Kickstarter in 2 months by which you'll have long forgotten about us though"), I also no longer "look forward to" board games in general. I enjoy what I get, I enjoy what I have, I enjoy playing, but I no longer feel any anticipation. At all. For any board game.