Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small board game

Agricola: All Creatures Big and Small is a standalone game designed exclusively for 2 players. 

In Agricola All Creatures Big and Small, you become an animal breeder (horses, cows, sheep and pigs) and try to make the most of your pastures. You will start the game with a personal board that you must make bigger by adding additional parcels of land or by building new infrastructures, because as the game advances, your herd continues to grow.

Contents: 1 game board, 2 farm boards, 144 wooden pieces, 16 cardboard tiles, 4 farm extensions, 1 starting player tile, 9 goods tiles, 1 score pad, and 1 rule sheet.

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  • Fantastic game. It manages to capture the feel of Agricola in a fun and much more compact format. One of my favorite two player games.
  • Exactly what I want in a 30-40 minute euro. Offers the opportunity to make hard decisions, does not allow you to everything you want - but gives you satisfaction in what you can do. The expansions are a must though.
  • Since we are into Agricola at the moment and this is specific for two players...
  • A form of Agricola i find quite okay.
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