Pax Pamir (Second Edition)

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Partial play. Missed a few rules. Very eager to play again.


There is likely a good game in this cheshire cat looking box. Unfortunately Pax Pamir provides such a poor first experience, I suspect few will push into the amount of plays required for the game to gel. As it stands, Pamir is a lumbering, mishmash of overly complex and restrictive rules.


Very interesting market, with area control and politic Influence. Very I testing when one get his head around the mechanism used


It keeps the part from 1st edition that I liked best--namely, the tableau-building married with unit placement--while jettisoning the constant tilts and shifts to the victory conditions. You can plan ahead, now. What we get is perhaps the longest and most intense Pax game. The edge definitely goes to Pax Ren, because it is both faster and more open, but the robustness of this version of Pax Pamir is impressive.


by Port

Really incredible game from the creator of Root. I think I like this better than Root! It's slightly more complex, but you also don't have to teach 4 different games in one every time you play (like you normally do with Root, since there's usually at least one new player)


I want to explore this more. It beckons me. But I'm really glad I didn't have to teach this nor keep track of all the rules.


I finally got to play Pax Pamir 2E after months of ogling it, and I wasn't disappointed. I knew I was getting myself into an interesting game experience, but the way Wehrle weaves shifting loyalties into an already multi-faceted game is so fascinating. And it's a fun game to boot. As an aspiring game designer, playing Pax Pamir was required reading, but it also ended up being a fantastic gaming experience.