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The original dice builder RPG! You and up to three other players are Gearlocs. Your homeland has been invaded by seven savage Tyrants, and the Gearloc Council has summoned you to defeat them. Draw daily encounters filled with tough decisions and battles as you make your way to the Tyrant’s lair. Discover powerful Loot and Trove Loot to help you on your way. Build your character and unlock new dice to roll as you take down unique Baddies, each with their own special abilities and traits.

Loaded with content for solo and coop play, Too Many Bones comes with 136 custom dice, beautiful edge-stitched neoprene mats, PVC cards and dozens of high-quality chips. The seven Tyrants employ their own special encounters and a unique final battle that will put all your skills to the test. Each of the four Gearlocs come with 21 custom dice, numerous character build options and completely unique gameplay mechanics and skills. This a game you’ll bring back to the table to try something new again and again.

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  • The more I play this, the more I love it! I want to play this ALL THE TIME.
  • What an amazing, intelligently designed game. It's quite rare to see some truly new and innovative mechanics in board games nowadays and TMB excells at it. The baddie points and how enemies enter the battlefield are genius. The game is incredibly challenging and rewardig. And OMG, the components. One of the best in quality I've seen so far (pretty much on par with Mechs VS Minions)!The only thing preventing me from giving it a ten is the horribly written rulebook and terrible graphic design choices. This made me mildly furious at times for such a great game being so hard to learn because of bad written rules. Typography is horrible, making the rule book and cards hard to read and understand. No hierarchy of information is respected. Text color and background texture on cards have terrible contrast. I mean - seriously - why the hell a company like Chip Theory Games, which clearly cares about quality in their games and likes to set the bar high, did not invest in proper graphic design?This aside, the game is wonderful to play. But the learning curve is steep simply because the game is complex AND the rule book sucks.
  • Amazing components. Great replayability!
  • This is a game that requires a dedicated gaming group to fully enjoy. But as a solo player I have beat this with one gearlock and with 4 gearlocks, and I immensely enjoyed both romps. HOWEVER, it has not left my shelf since the last 4 player campaign, and I am not sure it will. There is a lot of upkeep and a lot of things you need to know and do to keep things moving, and I am not sure I am up for that again as a solo player.
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Top games on my radar:

I think the earliest purchase will be Flip Ships. Seems like a great one for the family. And playing Pendulum actually resurrected Tzolk'in back onto my shortlist lol

I mean, if you've got space for it there's really no reason not to get #Too Many Bones! I am excited for when you finally get it!

Hmmmm I'm also stuck trying to vote between #Barrage and #Nemo's War (Second Edition). Nemo's War because I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, but I'm also thinking that since you just got #Too Many Bones, Barrage would make an awesome group experience (if your group is into a highly interactive and mean(?) game). Then again, I don't know how hard it will be for you to get in group sessions these days and maybe it's nice to balance out Too Many Bones with another solid solo game??...

Uhhh I have a relatively small collection so that would be pretty hard lol. I was actually thinking about my shelf space last night, wondering where I would place #Too Many Bones if I were to buy it haha

There are couple of spots that will open up though.

So really, I can probably make space for #Too Many Bones! But yes, storage will be an issue for me and I'll likely need to come up with a solution so that I can limit myself to ~40-50 games.

Uhhh I have a relatively small collection so that would be pretty hard lol. I was actually thinking about my shelf space last night, wondering where I would place #Too Many Bones if I were to buy it haha

There are couple of spots that will open up though.

So really, I can probably make space for #Too Many Bones! But yes, storage will be an issue for me and I'll likely need to come up with a solution so that I can limit myself to ~40-50 games.

Thanks! Forgot to mention it above but oddly enough there's some particular bad lighting here because we played saturday afternoon while there was a big storm passing through the island lol. Perfect time to play a long game if theres a chance of the lights going out. 

Apart from the gearlocs which some people say are more unique in undertow, the main difference is the battle mat has more spaces in undertow (you can compare Neal's and my picture) to accomodate 2 new types of badies : mechs and fish. The fish or water type baddies only appear on encounters in the raft (pictured), land encounters use mechs and the other side of the mat. 

Another thing to consider is expansions are actually tailored made for either the main box or Undertow, not both. So while you can mix and match there will be some slight inconsistencies in encounters, story wise. 

I saw Anachrony: Essential Edition on boardlandia for $44 several days ago but didn't go for it. Mainly because it doesn't come with the solo mode and requires you to PnP the ones the publisher made available. The designer is also updating the solo mode and throwing it into #Anachrony: Fractures of Time expansion

My goodness, imagining you with KD:M.. what a beast that would be!

As for my dream game, #Too Many Bones would be on there but that's a highly likely purchase. But in general, games in Chip Theory Games or Mindclash Games' catalog tend to pique my interest but they're always so so expensive!

I have a couple upgrades in mind, just have not have the means or the motivation yet!

#Kingdomino : I would love 3d printed versions of the castles used to signify your starting tile.

#Aeon's End: Legacy : I am thinking about getting some red 10-sided dice to replace the little health tokens

#The Quacks of Quedlinburg : geekup bits...duh

#Too Many Bones : After one play through of this I am convinced it would be worth buying the premium health chips lol

Hahhaha that reminds me, I had the same thought when I started considering getting #Too Many Bones. It's like my threshold for $ spent on a single game just keeps on rising..

I'm just glad I haven't gotten into Kickstarters yet. Has there been any on your radar recently?

Here are my uh oh's...

Future big uh oh... getting into Kickstarters. Hasn't happened yet!

I haven't gone to that side just yet. Yet. YET. I always go for games that I know for sure will be good for both 2p with my wife and solo. Even if the game will only see maybe 2-4 2p sessions in a year, it makes me feel good knowing that it'll be an option haha

There are games that have come close though:

#Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion - We ended up getting a copy for Board Game Atlas, but if we hadn't, I probably would've gone for it even if it's only for solo.

#Maracaibo - I've considered after hearing about its campaign. In the end though, it gives the impression of a game that's more complex (with many parts) than I typically prefer.

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - Another game we got under Board Game Atlas. In hindsight, after experiencing the solo mode, I would've gotten this just for the solo mode. I know for sure that I don't have the right group for a multiplayer session.

#Too Many Bones - I'm definitely hoping to try this out with my wife, but I know that it'd be more of a treat I'd be giving myself.

In general, I think I'm usually attracted to the idea of a game from Chip Theory Games or Alexander Pfister (and why #CloudAge is on my radar.) Cole Wehrle's works will always be on my radar too.

Perfect timing for this as I plan on getting a solo campaign of #Too Many Bones in this week! It just arrived yesterday and it is a beast of a box lol. 

also I told my wife about the trick shot challenge that you are thinking about doing and she is all in ready to go lol. Looking forward to if and when that comes up!

Well that's good to hear! I'm guessing #Too Many Bones will happen for me within a year from now haha

With Cephalofair beginning to develop a Jaws of the Lion-like scenario book for both #Gloomhaven and #Frosthaven, is that a likely buy for you so that you can reduce the amount of setup/teardown time?

I read everything, and am glad. That was a very thoughtful write-up and it's nice to hear your comparison especially now that I've played #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion and am still very interested in getting #Too Many Bones

Of the ones in your list I'm most interested in #Maracaibo and #Coloma. I eventually dropped Maracaibo from my wishlist thinking it might be overly complex for me and my wife (plus, I just had so many other games that creeped on on me haha.) It was a bit of a similar story with #Tekhenu: Obelisk of the Sun where even though I was immediately drawn in by seeing the designers involved, it looked like it had a lot going on. I've checked out Coloma several times in the past too but never got to the point of watching a video on it.

This would be my list, limiting to 5 games:

  1. #Too Many Bones
  2. #Keyflower
  3. #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar
  4. #Brass: Birmingham
  5. #Aeon's End

This list is subject to change any moment tomorrow :)

Oh and I'll be buying #Flip Ships real soon for family game nights.

Currently #Too Many Bones and #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, I recently learned my wife likes RPG games with progression so these are the two next steps!

I really have to try #Gaia Project at some point. Not sure when I'll be able to buy it though haha. If you had to choose between #Too Many Bones and #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion right now, which would you go with? 

I'll let Trent know that I'll commit to playing games all day (for work purposes of course) :)

Oh and order #Too Many Bones using our credit card lol. For review purposes.

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