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Torres always felt a little clunky to me even though it's fun to build the towers. I got rid of it because Santorini gave me the parts I liked and stripped away the parts I didn't.


One of the first games we played together! I think we played this several times before buying pillars of the earth.


Tight resource management, which I like. A little abstract for my liking. Downtime was not much a problem. Have only played with 2 players, though. Very quick plays. Update: Downtime is a real problem with 4 players. Heavy analysis paralysis.


I can see why this game won the SdJ. A lot of fun, trying to figure out how to score the maximum number of points, using your action points wisely, moving knights, building towers. A fun game that looks great on the table. Everyone at game night came by to see what we were playing and commenting on how fun it looked, and they were right!


great game of strategy ...


2-4, 60m


2009-06-13 - Finally! I managed to play this game after a number of aborted attempts. I like it very much and it must be part of my collection. It scratches the Java itch without being Java. Short, sweet and nice to play. Could do without the "enemy mages" though. 2009-09-12 - Finally, my "Mask Trilogy" is now complete. Mwahahaa! Received as a wedding gift. 2016-07-20 - Rating 7.25 -> 7 2018-10-12 - Sold CG


Fun quick little abstract game.