Altiplano board game

Be the best inhabitant in the high plateau of Altiplano!

You need to be creative to develop the scant vegetation and the available resources. By fishing at Lake Titicaca, mining ore in the mountains, breeding alpacas, and actively trading local goods, the inhabitants generate continually grow in wealth.

The inhabitant who best uses his potential will have the highest yield in the end!

New production sites are built, orders are fulfilled, and goods are stored for hard times. And road construction should not be neglected either, as that is needed to speed up development.


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  • I prefer this to Orlean
  • June 2020Received expansion with base game, however was missing pieces of both, person who sold it to BoardGameCo didn't properly separate. June 2020BoardGameCo $29.33
  • Playing it for the first time, I somehow kept feeling that every aspect this game has is glued on to make it a game.
  • New game by Reiner Stockhausen (Orleans), interested to try this. First game was entertaining but very lengthy, need to replay this for a good verdict. As I also own Orleans, consider to trade this one away.
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I haven't played Orléans or Altiplano which do you like better? 

I see you've already played Terraforming Mars, and that would be the first on my list. Another game to consider is Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. Great game with some interesting mechanics. Check it out.

Heroes of Land, Air, & Sea is fairly weighty but once you get a hang of the actions and your faction's abilities, it's pretty straightforward. One of my favorites.

Another one I really like is Altiplano. It's a chit-pull system like Orleans (same designer, so no surprise there), and makes you manage resources like you've never managed them before haha Not the most engaging theme (unless you make everything you do relate to The Emperor's New Groove), but wonderful gameplay.

Also look into Dinosaur Island, Pulsar 2849, and Torres.

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Altiplano: The Traveler Expansion board game
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