XCOM: The Board Game

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This is a really great example of how to mitigate quarter backing in co-op games while also encouraging cooperation and discussion. The time pressure and vastly different problems you are working on mean it's impossible for one person to take it all in let alone coordinate. The mini games each player faces are fun enough and feel well connected. The only criticism is that I rarely felt like I was making significant decisions, after a game I never have that post-game analysis of 'I should have done that' or 'next time I'll try that'. It all feels very reactionary. This potentially limits replayability but I don't own it so I only okay it every so often and enjoy it every time.


Very tense and fast thinking game. Not my flavour, I have to be in the mood to be "stressed" by a game to want to play this again. It is very fun, actually.


Bought this one at Spiel 2019 in the No Shipping Auction, as a friend REALLY wants to play this one with me. I'm also quite curious to try this one. Apparently, it's VERY hard to win this one. Let's wait and see.




Very fast paced, stressful game. I love the fact you use an app to assist the game. Needs more than 2 people to play though.


The timed phase is essentially just a setup phase with very minor decisions to make in which the timer is used to artificially create tension in what would otherwise be a pretty boring part of the game.


I really enjoyed XCOM, and it almost made the list, but due to the fact it is a co-op that can be beaten, it has a limited lifetime. Once I beat it consistently, it loses its appeal.


A brutal game even at easy level. Tense but fun. Not for the faint of heart or people with AP.


Not a game for me. No issue with the inclusion of an app. Perhaps a bit too much luck.


http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/xcom-2015/ http://meeplelikeus.co.uk/xcom-2015-accessibility-teardown/


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An okay game. Really the only excitement comes from the timed aspect. If it wasn't timed it would be a horrible game.