Dungeon Lords

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I like Dungeon Lords. It's got quite a learning curve to it though. And is definitely 100% not in the gateway category. But it gives an interesting worker placement mechanic for discovering who gets to do what actions in the dungeon.Ed: In the end, It has dropped over time. If I'm playing this game with 3 other people (Read: I'll play it 4 player only) who know how to play the game already. I'd sit down and have a blast.But I will never, ever teach this game to someone again. It's just too much like work, and then the game you play just won't be all that much fun because they are still trying to piece it together.


Nice variation of worker placement game. Very clever mechanics but as some games from Vlaada, unnecessarily complicated.


Designer: Vlaada Chvátil (Dugeon Petz, Galaxy Trucker, Mage Knight)Publisher: CGEPlayer count: 2-4 (best with 4)Weight: Medium heavyMechanics: Worker placement / hand managementSetting/theme: fantasyPlay time: 90 minutesTraded in Math Trade. Really like Dungeon Petz, so also quite interested in it's predecessor Dungeon Lords.


I did not really like this on my first play (which pre-dates my logging of games). But on revisiting it my mind is changed.The lesson being, Be careful who your game teacher is. A poor teacher can ruin your gaming experience.


by paka

One game left me wanting for more. EDIT. As long as you don't expect it to be Dungeon Keeper copy its very nice.


This one really gets me going. Given to me by a friend who did not like it. Can't really get my friends interested, so maybe it's me...


Juuuuuust barely worth its playing time, which for most 2 hour long euros can be high praise. The theme is hilarious, the components overall good, and the procedural stuff--while ample--is nonetheless engaging. I wish it allowed for more dungeon development, though, and if the pace were tighter it'd be a lot better.


Happy Anniversary edition


Enjoy the multiple blind selection worker placement mechanic. It is also unique in that the first person to a location doesn't necessarily get the best resources. The whole game is like a puzzle and defending against heros is challenging but fun.


I just didn't seem to grasp the way to plan ahead with this game. I'd also barely followed the instructions/example that was provided by the guy that taught me.


A little overlong and overcomplicated for what it turns out to be. There's no real sense of engine building, so it just turns into a slog. I like the idea, and wish there was a streamlined version. I think Petz may be that game.


Another favorite. It's so unforgiving and stressful if you don't plan something out correctly. I love it.


TRADED AWAY. Played once. I really want to like it, but it ends up a bit too mathy and dry to really match the theme. And it takes way too long to explain.


I liked this enough. I feel like the worker placement aspect could use more work, but the monster invasion puzzle is great. It's too bad the dungeon building aspect isn't more fleshed out.


The little imp figures are almost as sweet as the little astronauts from Galaxy Trucker. Almost.


The standard CGE humor and atypical theme of Dungeon Lords creates an immersive game for players to explore. The action selection mechanic works to both reward late activations, and punish the last activation (potentially). This, along with the locking of use assignment cards, establishes an element of tactics that deviate enough from the standard worker placement / action selection to keep it from feeling mundane. The combat system contrasts well with the bureaucratic nature of the dungeon building, and is filled with a plethora of adventurers to keep strategies nimble. Combat resolution is wide open, which can slow the game down a bit, but also forces the lords to creatively thwart spells, plant traps, and deploy monsters. Don't let its reputation fool you. Being a tyrannical subterranean imp overlord is not as difficult as the internet would lead you to believe (though the expansions offer a myriad of ways to beef up the experience to your own liking).