Ortus Regni


The Late Anglo-Saxon era is a time of warring Earls. Minor kings all, they claim whatever lands they can. They establish fiefs, cultivate powerful vassals, and fight and engage in endless political struggles. All the while, the Vikings roam not just the sea, but the land. It is truly a Dark Age. Or is it?

2 Wooden Card Trays
2 Earl Card Sets (91 Cards Each)
1 King Card
1 Leatherette Bag
40 Colored Influence Cubes
9 Viking Markers
4 Table Decks (24 Cards Each)
  ‣ Battle Deck
  ‣ Army Deck
  ‣ Viking Deck
  ‣ Joust Deck

1 Sand Timer
2 Cloth Card Reference Tapestries
1 Rule Book
1 Reference Pamphlet

MSRP: $75.00Lowest: $83.95

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