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-High rating, high ranking (#47 BGG, #32 strategic game);-plays well with two to four. -90 minutes, so not too long. -Rudiger Dorn (WakaWaka / Istanbul), so worth checking out, although visuals are not that appealing. -#6 all time Ryan Meltzer (Dice Tower). -Recommended by Rahdo-Although auction game, should be very good with two players. Acquired via Math Trade SpSp 2016Rating based on 1st play with 2 players, which was allright. Good game, not great, felt a little outdated. Willing to trade this away.


I only get to play this game at WABA (our local game club). It's a shame it's out of print (or stupidly expensive)..


Fun, but a bit like playing a spreadsheet. Not a lot of interaction, but some interesting mechanics.


Excellent economic management game. I prefer this to Puerto Rico, Caylus, and Princes of Florence--it has similar mechanics to all of these latter games, but pulls it off better as far as I'm concerned. Highly recommended; excels in a very crowded field of excellent games. Stay away if you hate once-around auctions, though.


Build and run a small economic engine. Multiple paths to victory, but I suspect some strategies are more effective than others. More plays will tell though. Enjoyable game with a great bidding mechanic that can make a huge difference in performance.


Very heavy boardgame, full of tough decisions!... not for those who want a light fast game


Great game. The mixture of mechanics is excellent. There is always too much that you want to do on any given turn. The possibility of bad card draws can sink you, though. But I like games with a little bit of randomness, so that's ok.


Only have in one play so far (I just bought this) and WOW, do I love this game. So many different paths to explore, hoping to get what you need to score more points. Amazing game!


Can't wait for the reprint. This game is incredibly fun.


What a tense game. I like this better than Puerto Rico and I just don't know why. I really like the nice balance between the expedition card draws and one's overall strategy. 2006-11-18 - Bought 2010-02-23 - Highest score to date: 54!


(12/16) 8. Unique bidding mechanic. Even though it was my first time, I never felt too confused about how much/what to bid for. Fun. (10/17) Drop to 7. Just haven't played this again but really want to. My own copy is on the way, which should help!