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At the beginning of the 16th Century: beautiful beaches, wonderful climate, and one of the most important trading cities in the world. Competing companies trade with spices and send their colonists into the world and invest their money. Of most importance is how you manage your spices to grow a successful company: should you build more effective ships? Build more effective plantations? Attract more colonists? The best strategy is the one that creates the most successful business. Goa: wealth and glory, but not without risk!

Rule change in the second edition: At the request of the designer, we have changed the way players can acquire expedition cards. The new rule as shown at the bottom of page 5 is repeated below as written in the new rules:

When a player chooses the expedition action, he takes expedition cards from the supply. The number of expedition cards he takes is shown by the position of his marker in the expedition column. The left number is the number of cards he can take, the right number is the player’s expedition card limit. A player may never have more cards than this, even for a moment!

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