Above and Below board game

Explore a massive cavern and build your new village above and below ground in this storytelling/town-building mashup board game.

Your last village was ransacked by barbarians. You barely had time to pick up the baby and your favorite fishing pole before they started the burning and pillaging. You wandered over a cruel desert, braved frozen peaks, and even paddled a log across a rough sea, kicking at the sharks whenever they got too close, the baby strapped tightly to your back.

Then you found it! The perfect place to make your new home. But as soon as you had the first hut built, you discovered a vast network of caverns underground, brimming with shiny treasures, rare resources, and untold adventure. How could you limit your new village to the surface? You immediately start organizing expeditions and building houses underground as well as on the surface.

With any luck, you'll build a village even stronger than your last-- strong enough, even, to turn away the barbarians the next time they come knocking.

-Build a village and explore the caverns below
-Manage your villagers, each with a unique identity
-2-4 players
-Read from a book of encounters, building an amazing and memorable story each time you play!

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  • Really interesting mechanic of choose your own adventure mixed with worker allocation. Extra fun with if the people reading the encounters use funny voices. Also, stunning artwork.
  • Our Gaming Group has played it 5 times and all 5 times we had a great time playing it
  • Includes expansion storybook
  • Spouse: Like
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X-Wing! Who knows? Maybe FFG will be cool with it :) 

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