Pandemic: On the Brink board game

Has saving humanity become routine? Spice Pandemic up with new roles and events. Add a fifth player, try Legendary difficulty, or add an optional challenge: What if one disease is particularly nasty? Or, if a fifth disease is wreaking havoc? Or, even worse, if that fifth disease is being spread by a hidden Bio-Terrorist? Can your team work together to cure diseases in a world on the brink of disaster?

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  • For: Gateway, Adults, FamilyType: Variable powers
  • Good, but rarely come back to it.
  • Worth it if just for the new rules and petri dishes. But everything I've played with so far in this expansion has been well done. The only thing I haven't palyed yet is the bio-terrorist mode. The other modes do what a good expansion should do; give you more of what you loved about the game with maybe a little more spice or variety but not over complicating it.
  • Adds some nice new elements and some neat components. One of the best expansions to an already amazing game.
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