Earth Reborn

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Started tracking games late. Add about 5 to the number of plays.


Hm. I skipped right to the tutorial with guns, and I'm not 100% certain about my rating. It's good, and it's got some interesting ideas, but I really don't like the programmed instruction format. I am still very eager to try the game in all its glory, with searching et al in the auto-scenario generator. [EDIT] Oh, man, once you get to searching the game kicks in hard. Interesting decisions that differentiate it from its ilk. Sadly, the cast is so small, and attacks so reliably ineffectual, that it just isn't to my taste when compared to Claustrophobia, Space Hulk, et al. On the verge of utter brilliance. The incredibly long setup time doesn't help.


Poorly designed range combat system makes me rethink the purchase. Will probably get rid of this soon. Update: Traded away.