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Nemesis is a 1-5 player survival sci-fi game where players are woken up from hibernation as a crew of a space ship. The emergency procedure states that there is a critical system failure and the space ship can't continue its cruise. The goal of the crew is to find what is causing this failure and fix the situation to safely return back to Earth. The main problem is that one crew member is dead. Somebody crashed his hibernation chamber and pulled his body out. In addition, if you listen closely, some additional noises and sounds can be heard. New ones, strange ones, ones that were never heard before…

Nemesis is a cooperation game combined with bluffing, backstabbing, and other elements of a science-fiction survival horror adventure.

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  • Nnnnot a fan. The minis are beautiful and I could be potentially coaxed into giving it a second go, but as it stands this game is cooler to think about than to play, as it is such a bundle of disparate complex and sometimes counter-intuitive mechanics that it just doesn’t come together into a smooth game. It has the Arkham Horror Revised Edition problem where so much of every turn is upkeep and your own actions are so few in number and so governed by randomness that it just becomes a pain in the ass to play.Great minis, great art, love the Alien theme and wanted it to be good, but the actual game needs a lot of pruning and revision because it is a hot mess.
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    + Aftermath+ Void Seeders
  • Updated thoughts after 5 plays:Pros:- Plenty of actions for everyone to do- Plenty of time to do most everything you want- "Random" things are never too swingy and always feel like a calculated risk, you always know the risks. Have 2 serious wounds? The next alien attack might kill you, have a larva on the board you may die from eclosion, have quite a few fire/malfunction tokens, an event may blow up the shipt...etc.- Theme is great and feels tense the whole way through the game- Usually people disregard their goals in favor of playing co-op. Cooperation is much more meaningful in this game *because* we usually have conflicting goals so it really feels like we're working as a team and putting our own interests aside.Neutrals:- Pacing of the game is fine, depends on how quickly people play their turns. Downtime isn't an issue for me since the game itself is so tense/engagingCons:- Player elimination, it's possible to have to sit through much of the game if you died early. However, deaths are usually a long time coming/expected, hardly ever a surprise. And even then it's very much dictated by your choices. If you stick together and play smart it's easy to avoid death until the last part of the game.Great first experiencePros:Even though we triggered self destruct early on I felt like I had plenty of time in the game to do meaningful things. I was able to explore the ship, fix an engine, find the nest, carry an egg across the ship to the lab and examine the egg, then make a run for the shuttle only to be left behind at the last second of the last round.I like the way the enemy health works, it's counterintuitive, but is a good way to give each enemy different health totals, while keeping that total a secretThe intruders also seemed appropriately hard to kill. Difficult, but not impossible, and not too easy either.The bigger intruders felt and actually proved much scarier. (The models meant something unlike rising sun). There's plenty to do on the ship for everyone. Fix rooms, explore, fix engines, fiddle with coordinates, attack intruders, research corpses/eggs, open escape pods...etcCons:Rounds seemed to take too long, likely because we were learning the game and 1 player was slow on their turn. It definitely sped up toward the end.
  • Best thematic experience in a board game, i recommend it to every boarg game collection.
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My initial response would've been very similar to yours, but after seeing the recent comments, I tried to steer away from realism lol

1. Moodmaker - Just like how music in movies are timed to amp up the mood, you will have a background music that adapts to the board state whenever something happens. I'm thinking of games strong in theme like #Root, #Nemesis, or even things like when you're playing #The Quacks of Quedlinburg and sound of suspense kicks in as you push your luck and play a noise when you bust. Ok, maybe that could get annoying at some point, but you know what I mean lol

2. Shelf organizer - You want to sort by alphabetical order? Sort by color? Sort by theme/designer/publisher/etc? Shelf-organizer at the press of a button

3. Instantaneous transporter - Have you ever run into a situation where you're over at someone's place and though, "Mannnn... if only I had that game with me right now!"

Haha, #Archipelago  and #Nemesis did tend to feature a lot. Both have space for back-stabbing, Nemesis generally has to be less direct. There are some fairly direct actions you can take to hurt other players (set a room on fire, lock them in a room with an alien/throw a grenade into that room) but for the most part you have to be fairly sneaky: you can set the engines to explode but tell everyone they are fine or promise to help someone kill an alien and then after they spend their turn shooting it you just walk away. 

With Archipelago, you can be somewhat more directly confrontational, especially with the use of towns: if you build a town on a hex and put one of your meeples in it, no one can build/harvest on that tile without your express permission and anyone can just walk into a space that is 'yours' (no one really owns anything) and build a town to crew you over. Similarly, we always play that any immediate exchange is binding (i.e. if we agree to trade of two wood for 5 gold then you have to honour it) but anything that isn't immeditae isn't binding, for example: we might make a deal that you give me some resources now to help me build a port but I will let you use that port every other turn to sell your goods. Now I am not in any way obliged to keep that promise. And so you build up this web of deal and loose alliances but at any point someone might renege on those for their own gain or a better deal.

If you want a really back-stabbing filled game then I'd suggest #No Honor Among Thieves, in that game betrayal is baked into the mechnics but you also have to work together to complete the missions: it's glorious!

Thanks to your lists I'm looking at #Archipelago.  I also love the sound of what may be happening in #Nemesis.  I love the idea of semi-cooperative really competative style of game.  Sounds like it has a strong chance of some back stabbing?

I'd love to try out #Nemesis some day! Actually, from what I've heard (from you mostly), #The Defence of Procyon III totally sounds like my type of game.

Kickstarter is a pretty new world for me, I have only ever backed one game ( #The Defence of Procyon III) and don't make a habit of browsing it. However, if I had the money, I think #Nemesis would be a game I would regret not backing.

I like your description for worker placement, so true and I really like that part too xD

I'd love to try out #Nemesis some day. Unfortunately, I feel like it's going to be a longgggg time until that's possible haha. Baesd on your descriptions, I feel like you'd really appreciate #Root's puzzles, the theme, and the tabletalk!

Ha, interesting concept:

R - #Raiders of the North Sea (I secretly prefer #Architects of the West Kingdom but I don't have an A in my name) I really enjoy this take on worker placement, as it means you can usually do one of the things you want to do, but rarely both so you have to keep your plan flexible. 

N - #Nemesis (Adding in my middle initial so I can talk about this game) Love the theming and narrative that this game has always created when I've played it. I sadly don't own it as I don't have all the money but am always delighted when it hits the table at my club.

T - #The Grizzled (I actually struggled with 'T' surprisingly) I do really like this game though, it is full of tricky decisions and 'the unknown'. The themeing is wonderfully refreshing and well implemented.

The trends I see in games I like:

  • Theme intergrated with mechanics: Nemesis and The Grizzled I think both do this really well.
  • Games where negotiation and conversation are baked in and vital for the game (nemesis does this, but my favourites are things like #Archipelago and #Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game or #No Honor Among Thieves)
  • A puzzle to crack, whether that be efficiency or engine building. While this often doesn't go hand in hand with my other preferences, there is a definite part of my brain that loves to test itself in this way.
  • Games that produce stories, all the better if the game itself doesn't force a story on you but enables the actions of the players to create one.

I just love sci fi, and the infinite possibilities that are out there. Anything you can imagine has the possibility of existing somewhere out in space.

One of my favorite games is #Sol: Last Days of a Star, not only is the board beautiful (a staple in most space games) but the orbiting mechanic and lore (it comes with a second manual just for lore!) is awesome.

another favorite is #Nemesis because it hits the space horror perfectly. 

Lastly, ive been on a massive #Warpgate kick lately. My group has played it two weeks in a row at 6. It definitely deserves more attention. 

I think #Nemesis or #War of the Ring (Second Edition) would top my list, I am always super up for a game of either.

Those or #The Defence of Procyon III but no one owns it yet as the Kickstarter isn't due till next year. But the TTS version is good.

I really would like to experience something like #Dune or #Nemesis some day! Now that you got some of the more accessible games like #Point Salad, when do you think you and your wife will be able to start opening up game nights to more people? Seems like you'll have a lot of stories to tell once that happens haha

Now, how do you feel about semi co-op games? I feel like that would help you scratch that itch to backstab someone lol (e.g. #Nemesis)

Edit: Sorry for making you sound so evil :)

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