The Bird Told Me To Do It


Make sure your color birds show up the most on the branch and score big. Do what the birds tell you to do and score bigger!

The Bird Told Me To Do It is a point scoring game in which each player adds to a twisting forking tree branch from his hand of cards. Each card shows a number of birds of a certain color. A player can collect a plumage card of a color by adding birds to the branch in that color. When a branch is finished the color showing the most birds scores points for the player owning that color plumage.

Each card also shows an instruction being given by a bird on the card. When a player adds a card to the branch, he performs all instructions given on all cards on the branch from the trunk of the tree all the way out to the card he placed. These instructions can be to draw cards, collect plumage, score cards, add more cards to the branch, remove cards from the branch, or boost the effect of a future card.

Cards in the same color on the branch also boost each other's instructions. Chain lots of cards on a branch for crazy turns! Twist and loop the branch to keep other players from copying your moves!


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