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2,000 years ago, the Roman Empire ruled the lands around the Mediterranean Sea. With peace at the borders, harmony inside the provinces, uniform law, and a common currency, the economy thrived and gave rise to mighty Roman dynasties as they expanded throughout the numerous cities. Guide one of these dynasties and send colonists to the remote realms of the Empire, develop your trade network, and appease the ancient gods to curry their favor - all to gain the chance to emerge victorious in Concordia.

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  • Simple, breezy, engaging, and with enough depth there to keep you coming back for more (after playing your Tribune and collecting your sestertii).
  • I marvel at the beauty of the design of this game. What could be added? What could be removed? Can't really come up with much anything. It's like the design was always there, and Mac Gerdts just pulled it out of raw cardboard.
  • Concordia is the essence of what I like in a game. Fast turns, meaningful decisions, simple yet deep game play. There is very little to dislike about Concordia - a top game for me. 9/2019 Update: After a bunch of plays this has actually decreased for me. I like this, but I think the scoring just doesn't click enough for me to really love it as much as I want to.7/20 Update: I ticked it back up a bit. I still really love this and think it is in the top tier of euro games. Have come back to it and am finding new love for it.
  • I would always rather play Brass, unless I'd been playing too much Brass recently--in which case I'd love me some Concordia.The cards are what make this so much fun, and the cards introduced in the Venus expansion are an absolutely essential addition, in my opinion.The amount that you can shaft your opponents is minimal, with the game instead offering you much more clever ways of profiting from your opponents moves. That's what I love about the game--you don't maximise value at the expense of others, but as a peripheral addition to their gains.Peaceful, thoughtful, and very pretty. An exquisite game that is sure to please.
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First time hearing of X-ODUS! I guess I completely missed the news about its Kickstarter last year. Will have to check out some videos tonight :)

My no pressure games to play with my wife are #Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia. I'm hoping that #Tzolk'in: The Mayan Calendar and #Keyflower could fit that category too when I get them some time next year.

Bought #Patchwork for my mother for her birthday, taught it to her and promptly lost. She likes certain games and really doesn't like others so it's always nerve wracking bringing something to the table. Apart from only playing at 2 I still think it is one of the very best gateway games in existence.

Got in a four player game of #Mariposas. I was very concerned this game would be too light but we ordered it to support Elizabeth Hargrave. I was pleasantly surprised, action selection isn't a mechanism I particularly love, I feel like the only person on earth who thinks #Concordia is just an ok game, but this game surprised me. It is far from a heavy game but it does have a really cool decision space between trying to achieve goals, trying to collect sets for special abilities and trying to set yourself up to be able to make it back to the bottom of the board at the end of the game. It doesn't share much with #Wingspan but I do think it exists in a similar space of a game and theme that is appealing to non gamers and accessible but with interesting enough decisions for a heavier gamer. I was really pleasantly surprised by this one.

Played a two player game of #Everdell which is my wife's favorite, I like tableau builders but the mechanic in this game of going from feeling like you just don't have enough workers/actions to do anything to having a full city and resources and event cards etc is as good as any game, the snowball in this one when cards start comboing each other is great. Still looking for a house rule that better deals with the deck bloat and number of repeat cards but supposedly that will be addressed in the next expansion. It isn't my favorite game but one I always enjoy.

Played another two player game of #Pendulum on the advanced sides of the board. I really appreciate how unique this game is and what a puzzle it can be but, in my opinion, a change of pace from the typical decision making process I go through in a game. I really like this one as something different, still feeling out overall opinion on it. My big suprise has been that instead of the assymetric players giving some type of powerful advantage I find they all do a great job of disadvantaging different engine building methods and make you really puzzle around them. I really enjoyed that but do wonder if with more plays there will become a more prescribed way to play with each one and force a lot more intentional blocking amongst players as part of game strategy. 

Got in a first play of #Alma Mater which my wife was adament we get, she's a writer and wanted the book pieces even if the game didn't live up to its promise. I was concerned this would be a game that just wasn't particularly good at 2. While I still think it will shine at 3 the "dummy" player and deck were about as easy as it could get and made it an enjoyable game. The game worked much harder to be thematic than I expected and I really enjoyed every aspect of it but the research track, though i think that was my fault for not realizing that was something I'd want to mitigate with student pieces (they provide different engine building bonuses in the income phase of the game). The game has a variable market and real scarcity for both money and certain books and having a track that you need to move up to increase the value of your type of book but also being a MAJOR part of end game scoring that uses escalating amounts of already tight resources that allow you to perform the other actions in the game felt like an obstacle for the sake of an obstacle. I do think if you know this going in you can make decisions in the early game that make it less of an issue. 

We were able to see family and so played multiple games of #Cartographers: A Roll Player Tale and #Bang!: The Dice Game at 8 players. I am constantly looking for a game that is both accessible and has a great decision space at 8 players. Suggestions are always welcome!

Finally got in my first two plays of #Paladins of the West Kingdom. I haven't played #Architects of the West Kingdom but have played #Raiders of the North Sea and had heard so many good things about Paladins and was able to get a ding and dent copy and snatched it up. To me the decision space and game dynamics felt like a weird combination between #Orléans (colored worker spaces, workshops acting like tech tiles) and the track synergies of #Tapestry but a game I enjoy, so far, better than both. I had very little doubt this would be a game I would really enjoy but was surprised at how much. 

There are 70 coins total:

  • 30x1's
  • 20x5's
  • 20x10's

So it seems like these would work well with #Concordia too? The worn aesthetic does match its vibe.

And I watched a part of SUSD's review that you shared earlier. How great it would've been if elementary/middle school summer classes actually taught that in addition to chess haha. And congrats on the playmat addition! You have a number of great card games so that seems like an easy win right there

Absolutely, and that's kind of what I meant at the start: I have played and enjoyed games with minimal theme and have no issue with that kind of game (I likewise enjoyed #Concordia when I played it). But I think what has really stood out in some games I adore is where you feel the theme interwined with those mechanics in smart and thoughtful way.

I still really want to try GWT some day. Also, I should take a look at #Imperial 2030. I like #Concordia a lot and just the fact that he designed Imperial 2030 made me interested

I think for me, thematic connections are like icing on the cake. It's not absolutely necessary, and I love games like #Concordia that are purely about brilliant mechanics, but having that thematic touch elevates it to a new kind of experience.

Whaaaat I want more details! haha

How did your daughter feel about Catan? Does it seem like she wants to play more in the future? Would you be happy about more of that happening? What about your wife??

You've mentioned quite often about your wife's feelings toward board gaming together so I was just wanting to hear more! Happy to hear it happened though :)


As for my anwer to your question, it's #Concordia. Very little going on in terms of theme but the mechanics are so satisfying and it gives you so many fun decisions.

#The Voyages of Marco Polo is like that for me. It's a solid game--tight, fun manipulation of dice rolls and assigning where to place them, satisfying turns when fulfilling multiple contracts, and very unique variable player powers--but it never comes out because my wife and I prefer playing #Concordia and #Clans of Caledonia

Good point on the legacy part.
Been checking #Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia
as well, Need to re-check those, thanks.

Nice! I love it whenever I hear positive experiences especially with the spouse :)

Does this make it even more likely for you to try and trade/sell your copy of #Imperial Settlers: Empires of the North?

Thinking about it now, I think I prefer card-driven games that have at least some common cards between players, instead of having a completely unique deck. Somewhat like #Concordia, but not as extreme of an example. That seems to work well for us because when someone plays card "X" that we're very familiar with (in terms of name and power of the card), then it often creates those in-game moments of "Nooooo!" or "Oh man, good move" or something, instead of it just becoming "Ok, my turn" 

#Clans of Caledonia and #Concordia for me!

I just really like Clans, and it's interesting to me that despite so many of the concepts of the game and its strategies that would make you think it'd be a dry game, it doesn't feel that way because of that perfect thematic touch with the map, the way production works, and even the different wooden tokens. It makes you feel so smart when you pull off the right move and also has moments of "Noooo I should've done that differently! Oh well xD". And I also love the highly tactical nature of it but also the long-term planning you can do based on the end of the round goals. It's very satisfying when you manage to use your tight resources to get to the point you were thinking about for that 5th round all-in plan.

Concordia is another one and it's a very pleasing experience to choose from the cards in your hand. This game surprises me because even when I have 10-20 cards in my hand, I never felt frozen with indecision. The cards are all quite distinct and have their own timing and purpose, that you always have a pretty good idea of 3-4 cards to choose from.

I picked up #Concordia. It has been on my list for awhile and it finally went under $40.

Thanks for the list.

After a light week the previous week, got a ton of gaming in this time around.

I actually don't need to accommodate that many different types of groups, so I think I have it easier. I mainly need to cover solo, 2p games with my wife, and family game nights. And it sure helps a lot that my favorite games to play with my wife have great solo modes and that my mom is interested in trying them out too!

#Clans of Caledonia - Fantastic 2p game with my wife. It'll be relatively easy for my mom to pick up on too. And while it's not my absolute favorite for solo, I do like it a lot.

#Concordia - Another great 2p game with my wife. To be honest though, I think I should go with #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated instead. We just like the thrill factor when pulling the Clank! cubes out of the bag. I just don't know how much we'll like the game once we're done with the legacy portion.

#Pax Pamir (Second Edition) - My favorite to solo so far.

#Camel Up (second edition) - Silly random fun for the family and I just love it. Easy to add in more people if we had guests over.

#Just One - It was either this or #Welcome to... It's another fantastic game for the family or with guests, and this one gets a plus for being the only co-op in this list.

I did my ranking and it was excruciating, haha. Here's mine:

  1. #Oceans
  2. #Evolution: Climate
  3. #Dune
  4. #Everdell
  5. #Western Legends
  6. #Santorini
  7. #Concordia
  8. #The Isle of Cats
  9. #7 Wonders Duel
  10. #Viticulture: Essential Edition

Honestly, any of the games in the top 6 could be my #1 on any given day, depending on my mood, haha. Possibly top 7. Perhaps with more plays of all of them, I'll get better at differentiating, but for now, I love them all equally and for different reasons.

Some big games and some small games this week:

  • #The Voyages of Marco Polo (Yucata, multiplayer): I've been keeping an eye on this one for quite a while as it seems to be up my alley.  I definitely quite enjoyed it and the game seemed to fly by.  I probably could have used a turn or two more to it.  I might check out the second one to see if it fits even better.
  • #Imhotep (yucata, muliplayer) x2: I've played this one before.  It's a nice little game made good by the concept of filing boats with your stones but having any player move any boat to any location.  So do you fiit one more stone in a boat and hope you get it somewhere good but risk someone else sending it somewhere poor and/or taking the spot you want to go to, or do you send it now and get what you can?  Fun and quick.
  • #Concordia with #Concordia: Britannia & Germania map (britannia) (Tabletop Simulator, multiplayer) I've played this one quite a few times now although not on this particular map.  One of my favourite games and the TTS implementation we played was enjoyable and a good experience.
  • #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine (Tabletop Simulator, multiplayer): First time playing this game.  It was a lot of fun!  Went through a few scenarios pretty quickly.  I could see even a non-gamer getting in to this.
  • #Kingdomino (Tabletop Simulator, Multiplayer):  I've played this game a ton.  A great fiiller game with just enough puzzle to keep your brain engaged. 

My gosh, every time. Your shelf looks so cool. Also, I know that your wife is in an artistic field, but do you have some ties there too? At least, I feel like you do when I see even how you organize the text in your forum posts hahaha

Where did you end up placing #Concordia? It's such an awkward size. And I'm glad it's the newer edition--the old edition with that scary lady would throw off the entire look :)

#Concordia and #Through the Ages: A New Story of Civilization

Concordia is probably my 5th favourite game of all time, but someone in my game group already owns it and a lot of the additional content. I can guarantee that if either he or I move away (or leave the game group), it will be my first purchase. 

As for Through the Ages, I've played the physical version once and honestly it's a chore to play on the table. I almost constantly have a game going on, which satisfies my desire to play it!

A game about you? | Comment

This is crazy, but I could see a re-theme or re-implementation of #Concordia where, instead of expanding an empire and place houses in cities, you're building a collection of board games. Factors affecting scoring would be who you're playing them with (e.g. spouse/SO, hardcore gamer friends, family, kids, solo, etc), how often you're able to play them, how much people enjoy them. Provinces in Concordia could be analogous to different genres of games, or maybe those would be analogous to the different play groups mentioned above. I haven't thought it through, haha. I don't think it could work as a straight re-theme, but it could be similar.

If you had fun with King of New York even at 2p count, higher count's going to be a blast haha. I still have a great memory from playing #King of Tokyo for the first time.

I'm surprised to see #Everdell not ranking as high! Also happy to see #Concordia creeping up! I can now see what people mean when they talk about this game, the design is so well done that I can look over some of the details. I gotta say though, I like the overall aesthetic of the map and the colors they went with. I'm so looking forward to upgrading the components and the coins.


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