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Absolutely adore the elegance and components of Hive, wish I was the kind of person who could get into it but it's a little too abstract and lifeless for me. Totally get why it is so popular though and I will hang onto my set for a while I am sure even if it gets limited play. Also the tiles are just so pleasing to hold and move!


by Wyrd

Bug Chess is amazing, and bug-like in the best way that crawls into your ear and latches onto your brain and...FOR THE HIVE. The way the pieces build off of each other to form the board is both cool and central to the mechanics. Takes a moment to learn how the pieces move, but the combo of color and bug-personality somehow makes them easy to remember! Plays fast but intensely strategic.


I've never won a game of this, but I really do enjoy it. It's very strategic and akin to something like chess. This is a masterclass in design.


I've never won a game of this, but I really do enjoy it. It's very strategic and akin to something like chess. This is a masterclass in design.


Great game with the extra advantage of being so portable. Plays quickly and well over a beer or waiting for a meal.Good repeat play, gathers depth as you learn it. Still enjoyed, over 6 months on.


Very nice abstract game. The puzzle is clever and challenging - reminds me of a mixture of Chess and Go.


Weight: 2.34 / 5


Recent addition to the collection, as I could buy it cheap and the them looks really nice. Have played a couple of games with my son and I like this game. Will need to play more for a good verdict. There are some expansions with additional insects, which might be good to have as well. Initial rating: 7/10.


Easy and quick go-to strategy game which you can get out and slam out five plays before morning tea or indeed while you are picnicking your afternoon tea. So just for the ease of getting it "to the table" (even though that isn't even a requirement), it has my vote.


a wonderfully original concept. lovely pieces.


I don't care how good the tiles feel in your hand - I hate this game and so does everyone I've ever played it with.


Good for what it is. It feels like playing Chess so if you really like Chess then this is a game for you.


Liz didn't like it (too much strategy to think through), but I did


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I don't like abstracts, and I found internalizing the movement rules of the disparate bugs tedious. I could be talked into it again, though.


This rating is a statement of personal preference, not quality. Hive is a well-designed game. I just hate it.


0.3 xx




I really enjoy this game. Simple to learn, yet there's some deep strategy here.


I honestly haven't played this one enough to see all of its subtlety, but as abstracts go, it's quick and fun.


This is a great abstract game. One of the best.


Better than Chess because it's quicker, but still has the same problems.


August 2019 $9.99


I can't seem to wrap my head around this abstract but the wife loves it. Love the tactile feeling of the game and love that we can literally take it anywhere to play.


This is a pretty fun two player abstract game. I have the Carbon version that already included the Mosquito and Ladybug and I would strongly recommend that or the pocket version over the original. The game play is fun and strategic. Your objective is to place and move tiles to try and surround your opponents queen bee while preventing them from surrounding yours. Each type of bug moves differently and the you can't break up the existing tile structure. I really like the weighty melamine tiles and the simplicity of the game and comes with a carrying case for easy transport.


I am terrible at plain abstracts. I just can't see the board as a whole. I can appreciate the mechanics and overall elegance, but it's not my kind of thing.


2-player only


TRADED: 2018 (Math Trade for Dokmus) GAMEPLAY Players either add a tile to the board or they move a tile already on the board. While each piece has its own unique rules a la chess, players are typically limited in their movements in two ways. First, you may not move a piece so a piece or group of pieces becomes disconnected from the hive. Second, you may not move a piece into a bottle-necked area, with the exception of the pieces that jump or move on top of the hive. A player wins by surrounding their opponent’s queen with any mix of the player’s pieces and opponent’s pieces. THOUGHTS Hive is an example of a two-player abstract that plays a lot like chess but in a fraction of the time. The pieces all have unique abilities that make the game fun to explore. Moreover, the game has a very pleasing tactility to it with players hopping, marching, and hovering these lovely hexagonal tiles. The game suffers a bit from first-player advantage, which is why it is better to play multiple games, switching who goes first. Unfortunately, Soo is put off by the insect “theme” so I struggle to get this one played. When I do manage to find an opponent, I find myself a little underwhelmed with the gameplay. There are just other abstracts I’d rather play. PROS -Components are next level. Images look cool and they’re easy to parse. -Has a chess-like feel but plays extremely quickly. CONS -First-player advantage. -Interest has faded in favor of other abstracts.


This is what chess would be if it would be short and fun.


Nice and fast. My wife will even play it with me, witch is rare for a strategy game.


Quick playing game with enough varied strategy to stay fresh for a while. I like it, but, like a lot of abstracts, the experienced player here will have a significant edge against newbies.


great game ....


Excellent abstract. Simple to teach/learn, deceptively deep. Scratches the Chess itch in a small fraction of the time.



Excellent abstract. Big player one advantage though.


Good abstract, though I don't think it's nearly as good as the GIPF games I have tried.


Love Hive!


Only an 8 for casual play. If the opposing player decides to "double-down" and really play this game seriously, I'm out.


Chess with bugs. Don't like Chess, don't like bugs.


An excellent abstract that plays in 15 minutes or less My review of Hive can be found here: Replaced by... Hive Pocket.


by klz

Really good abstract game with a neat theme and no board needed.


love the strategy in this game. So much like chess, with more means of escape.


A bit too chess-like and 'thinky' for us.


Yeah I didn't like this one too much. Too much like chess to figure out. Of course, I didn't really see how to make use of the pieces. As well, I don't really play two player games... now, however, that may change.


Good little puzzler. Brilliant with the right person.


The theme is unusual, but it plays an integral role in the game's overall construct. The '1 Hive' rule lays the foundation for what is a mechanically sound game. However, this game is quite abstract and for whatever reason I have failed to truly grasp it. Defeat and/or victory become obvious a few turns before the end, but I find it very difficult to turn the tide.


This would be a 9 if the instructions weren't so badly written. As it is, it's a wonderful, 2-player strategy game that you'll play incorrectly unless someone experienced is there to guide you.


This really does feel like Chess-lite, but in a great way! This is another one I can play with my kids - especially the 6 year old and he's already showing that he can think analytically to make the game interesting.