City of the Big Shoulders board game

In 1914, Carl Sandburg immortalized the very essence of what made Chicago so powerful with perhaps, his most famous poem. In it, he describes a city torn by light and dark, privilege and destitution, wealth and poverty, hardwork and bullheadedness, under the smoke, dust all over it's mouth. A city laughing with white teeth.

From the mid-19th century until the mid-20th century Chicago dominated American Industry. The great men and women that built this city gave us the household names we know and love today. Schwinn Bicycles, American Flyer, Quaker Oats, Cracker Jack, Oscar Mayer, Florsheim Shoes and many others came from this tall, bold, slugger set vivid against the little soft cities.


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  • One play with 2 was enticing. Next play with 4 was a better match. Not a perfect game, but I like the blending of worker placement and 18xx share holding.
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