Galaxy Trucker

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My game group really likes this game inspite of the fact that i recently figured out weve been playing it wrong and making it a million times harder than it has to be. My one complaint is the rule book is a little too "JOKEY" and hard to follow. Now that we have a lock on it were looking fwd to hitting the open space roads again soon .


Not really sure what to say about this one. Certainly a different "style" of game than what I'm used to. Will take more plays to see it's staying power, but the first game was fun.Update: I've played the iPad app which is incredibly well done. I enjoy it in that format especially playing with my son. I think this makes a good family game.


Alright, I know this game is kind of Random, and it's goofy, and it's not exactly short, or groundbreaking or anything.But it is freaking fun. And watching your ship blow up from one meteor perfectly placed is entertaining (albeit disheartening).


I love the real-time grabbing elements!!APP ONLY


Played once with two players...basically a learning game. My guess is that my rating will go up if I play again with more than two players.


Designer: Vlaada Chvátil (Dugeon Petz, Dungeon Lords, Mage Knight)Publisher: CGEPlayer count: 2-4 (best with 4)Weight: Medium lightMechanics: tile laying / real timeSetting/theme: science fictionPlay time: 60 minutesRating based on a handful of games with 2 and 3 players, which was a lot of fun. The rules are clear and sometimes hilarious and so is the game. Should not be taken too serious, sometimes almost a party game.Verdict: keeper


by paka

Diffrent. The building of bigger ship with 3 other people started to pump adrenaline a bit to get the pieces you want. Need more plays to make definitive decision but its intriguing


Played digitally quite a bit and it was...acceptable. I suppose this would be more fun if grabbing for real pieces with real people but I just don't like that kind of stress in board games.


Everything it could be. So fun, so funny. Exceptional.


Caveat: the game plays you. That having been said, it's a blast. It's enjoyable building your monstrosity and then seeing it torn apart. Amazingly, the game doesn't seem to get old.


Tom Vasel's Top 100 2012 #53 People's Choice Top 100 2012 #34


Fast paced puzzle building. Watching your ship get blown up and losing can provides for laughs and be as much fun as winning.


Had seen three others playing before I had my first game and had read some of the rules as well. Still wasn't sure of everything that was needed for the ship, made a mistake in one connection didn't have a great spread of types. 2010-07 After another 18 months I'll play this almost whenever I can. Still don't think I'm good enough to need the expansion. 2014-10 I've played with boards from both the big expansions, and the Latest Models. I don't feel they're as difficult to deal with as others seem to. But I don't always do as well as I feel I ought to.


Fun, brutal, tragic game.


July 2019 $26


Just a good, silly time building up your ship and watching it get destroyed.


Those who prefer strategy games won't like this one too much; a lot on chance, but it is fun for what it is.


Fantastic game. Completely unique, and so much fun. I would have rated it even higher but I felt like there were a lot of components and a lot of rule lookups for how light the game is.






Supposedly it is "fun" or "hilarious" to have a spaceship you slapped together get destroyed and you get nothing, but maybe it will happen to others too, so "Yay!" ? Really? I will pass.


w/ The Big Expansion


FULLY SLEEVED 62 x Swan PanAsia sleeve size: 56x87: Standard (SWN-050, 160/pack) - (56 x 87mm)


Race against your fellow pilots to rummage through a galactic scrap heap in order to cobble together a space ship. Fly various missions to earn money. Sounds like fun and with a few drinks and possibly more players, it is.



So fun to build the ship, but the gameplay breaks down in the second act.


Love it. The randomness is just enough, and the time pressure on building makes it fun.


ook digitale versie op ipad


Complete chaos and downright fun. Watching each other's ships blow apart is just great. Vlaada is a genius.


You get to build a ship, what's not to love?


Rating after 1 play. I am not sure that I will play this again because it is not something that I will purchase. However, it is quite the fun game. It seems that there is a lot going on but not really. A simple race game with real-time elements that makes this a hoot.


Such a fun game, but it's a touch too long. Real-time puzzling with disastrous results.


A Vlaada classic. I don't love the simultaneous part of this game, as I really want to make the best ship possible, but that's just not what this game is about. This game is about making the most "good-enough" ship as fast as possible. The game escalates nicely over the three rounds, and I have yet to play another game that comes remotely close to recreating this experience. Also, the app is top-notch, and I like the turn-based component selection variant (though it is not really a sustainable option with big groups).


The ideal mix and strategic and silly. Admittedly, it gets a little less fun when you get good and your ships don't fall apart at all. But by then expansions were bought, which allow you to scale up the difficulty with rough roads cards and alien invaders.


Love the chaos and laughter this game has produced with my friends. Like bringing legos to a board game!


(+) Plays fast, you feel like you are fighting the game more than each other, funny moments, a good mix of strategy and silliness, the rules for the sand timer require AP players to make quick moves while also giving flexibility to choose when to flip it, variants on the back of the rules give multiple ways to play, scoring is simple, accidental cheating when building the ship is handled by player checks, good components, the theme is brought out in the gameplay, allows you to look at what threats are coming at the expense of building quicker (-) There seems to be a lot to teach for it being such a light game, it can be disheartening for a player if they are forced to drop out of the run early, iconography wasn't great IMO which required some trips to the rule book (+/-) There is a lot of randomness in this game but it is advertised as such, time will tell how often the better player will win, the rules are hilarious to read but don't flow well (light version followed by full rules)


A favorite of my SO and mine. When we just want to have fun, this is our go to game. Has the most plays of our collection by far. Without a doubt, my SO's favorite.


Amazing game.