Avenue board game

Avenue is a quick and exciting family game that can be played with up to ten players with very little downtime. Players draw a network of roads on their player sheet, trying to connect their farms and castles to grapes. Each round, a card is drawn that shows which type of road the players must draw. Some cards are marked as scoring cards, and when the fourth scoring card is drawn, a new farm is scored. The order in which the farms are scored is revealed one-by-one throughout the game, so players must constantly adapt their strategies.

When a scoring takes place, you score points for every grape that your farm is connected to-but you shouldn't be too greedy because if a farm is not connected to more grapes than your previous farm, you lose points! Scoring many points early will therefore make things difficult later. This keeps the game exciting until the end.

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  • At first I thought Avenue was mediocre at best but it's become one of our favorite games. We might even burn through the entire notepad soon! I heard Welcome To... getting so much love so we got that and were just bored by it but something about Avenue's road planning and building is just so enjoyable.
  • Solid fun bingo-style game. Multiplayer solitaire.
  • Extremely light game, but very good for what it is. Simultaneous play and plenty of choice make for a lovely little game. And high possible player count to boot!
  • Terrible at this game.

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