The Battle of Five Armies Collector's Edition


The Battle of Five Armies is a stand-alone board game for two players, which recreates the fierce struggle witnessed by Bilbo Baggins at the end of his quest for the Lonely Mountain, in “The Hobbit”, the world-renowned masterpiece by J.R.R. Tolkien. Developed by the same designer team of the awarded War of the Ring board game (Francesco Nepitello, Marco Maggi and Roberto Di Meglio), The Battle of Five Armies is based on the mechanics first used in that game, merging action dice and event cards. The system is further enhanced by the addition of the “Fate Track” mechanic, handling the arrival of the allies and the triggering of special events. All the key characters in the battle – Bilbo, Gandalf, Thorin, Dain, the Elven King, Bard, Beorn, Bolg – are featured with powerful special abilities and unique sculptures.

This Collector's Edition will include a high-quality version of all the components featured in the regular, and now out-of-print, version of the game, complemented by 126 hand-painted figures, in a special deluxe packaging, and with a limited edition certificate of authenticity. It will also include "The Fate of Erebor", a previously unreleased mini-expansion including rules and components to reflect the outcome of the game in your games of War of the Ring Second Edition.

The Battle of Five Armies Collector's Edition will have a single print run, with a single print run of 1500.

The Collector's Edition of The Battle of Five Armies includes:
- 126 painted figures
- deluxe large size game board
- special hardcover edition of the rulebook printed on high-quality textured paper
- 2 deluxe player aids
- 13 limited edition action dice
- 10 limited edition combat dice
- 92 tarot-size limited edition cards
- 11 deluxe cardstock character and unit cards
- 3 cloth recruitment bags
- 1 fate token bag
- 170 deluxe counters
- “The Fate of Erebor” rules and components
- numbered Certificate of Authenticity

—description from the publisher


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