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This doesn't strike me as a game I'd normally give a 10 to. But this game is pure fun with easy mechanics, great decisions, nice aesthetics, from a first time designer on Kickstarter. I cannot find anything at all to complain about... NOTHING. Maybe that the round marker is cheap, but then I'd just be a douche trying to nitpick. Even the theme they took something rather uninteresting and turned it into a blast to play!! 10 all the way around!!


2-5p Sleeves


Really liked the game, with the insider type trading and bidding on shares. Sold this copy to get the new printing with the updated rule book and both expansions.


Stockpile is a light game where players are big financial moguls buying and selling bundles of stock and stock related actions. Two features set Stockpile apart from other trading games: 1. At the start of every round, each player receives secret information about the future market behavior of the stock of one of the six companies. This insider information will be used later in the bidding phase and the selling phase. 2. Players can't buy individual titles. They cooperatively build stock+actions+fees bundles by placing two cards (one face up and the other face down) from their hand in the bundle spaces. When all players have placed two cards, they bid for bundles. The combination of two sources of hidden information (future stock behavior and bundle composition) and bidding makes for a very light-hearted and amusing game with chances for bluffing. The game comes with several different moguls, each with a special trait and with two different stock market scenarios, one of each side of the board. Given the simplicity of the game, I recommend playing with moguls and the complex side of the board from the very first game.


For a stock exchange game its better than i thought it would be.


(3/17) 7. A really cool, interesting take on stock market games. Some open information for everyone to share, some secret information that each player has, with plenty of opportunities to try to infer what others know based on the actions they've taken. Can't wait to play it again. (10/17) Rise to 8. I love the mixed hidden/open information on this one and would love to play it again soon, especially now that I have the Continuing Corruption expansion that I've heard great things about.