Two Rooms and a Boom

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I'm not sure who this game is geared towards, but I don't see any redeeming qualities in the game. I'd much rather just play werewolf. The information sharing in this game just feels random, and sort of pointless.


Yeah. So. The Resistance was a major sea-change in games of this ilk, where information enters the system so you can start making informed decisions. I feel like many recent games have started undoing this advance (the One Nights, Two Rooms). I end up feeling like I don't have any agency, and thus have no incentive to participate.


Can be a lot of fun if you have a large gathering. I wouldn't recommend playing with less than 12 people or the game can be sort of awkward. There's plenty of variety here with so many different roles but teaching the game can be difficult the bigger the group gets. Speaking of, it is very difficult to "police" this game as anyone in a group of 12 to 20 people can easily forget or mess up something and end up breaking a rule. Fortunately, it rarely ruins the game.


Need a large group to play, but a really fun party game if your group can talk and think at least for 30 minutes. lol Used it with students as well.


September 2019 $10 BGF


doesn't get played much, not enough people to support it


It seemed kind of like a crapshoot.


My favourite party game.


Hilarious fun party game. Cards are awesome flexible opaque plastic (so are resilient to sweaty, sticky hands). My new favorite party game over Werewolf/Mafia.


My new favorite party game. Everyone seems to enjoy it, and there are so many roles.


This is a get up and move game. So much fun. Easily the best social deduction game ever.


(11/17) 6. Very cool game for how many it plays. That said, it does seem like that final round is more or less a coin flip, but I guess this game isn't so much about winning and losing as it is about the player interaction.