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The best dueling game.


18 lancelot


Somehow manages to feel light and at times, mortally scary.


Surprised by how much I liked it, given that it is a blind-selection movement puzzle. The excellent theming helps.


Cannot buy this in New Zealand. I would jump on a copy. With a little time I think this could work its way up to a 10 for me. I really do want to play it again soon. ----------- Well I own a copy! Brought it back from the states. Still love it. Got 2 players in with my copy. There is a deceptive number of strategies.


2-player only


Best: 2 Time: 25 Min Weight: 2.06


New in shrink


A cool 2-player only game that I would consider pretty essential for people who play mostly 2-player. It does a lot of things right. * Asynchronous games are always pretty impressive to me, and this one is no exception. You always want to switch characters after your first play, so you can see what it feels like to play the scientists vs the raptor or vice versa. * The card play mechanic is cool, with the idea of trying to fake out component of trying to figure out what your opponent will play. * The presentation is well done. All the scientists are even different molds. * The rules are fairly easy, and the player aids are extremely helpful. I would definitely recommend this game to just about anyone who plays 2-player games on a semi-regular basis.


I've come to realize that I was a bit harsh on Raptor. It does simultaneous selection well, if not in an original way, and stands up to repeat plays better than many other games of its ilk. The choices are rarely obvious and I appreciate that. A decent 2 player game.


2 players 25 minutes


I love this game. My wife hates it, not sure why. I really enjoy the asymmetry and theme.


Its amazing that two decks of nine cards can create such a rich gaming experience. The mind games between players, and the ever shifting game states fosters what has become one of my favorite fillers. Scientists try to hurriedly fill the forest and cage in the raptors with men and fire, while the raptors utilize speed and stealth to thin out their oppressors and exploit new paths. Players will shift between needing standard actions, and needing card actions, which adds a sense of desperation to the already terrific simultaneous card play. So far the scientists have proven most powerful, but that makes wining as the raptors that much more rewarding.


great card play but its missing something