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Popular Time Track Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Time Track mechanic.
Patchwork board game
Rank: 22
Trending: 233
T.I.M.E. Stories board game
Rank: 121
Trending: 1134
Tokaido board game
Rank: 138
Trending: 576
Chronicles of Crime board game
Rank: 188
Trending: 275
Nemo's War (Second Edition) board game
Rank: 378
Trending: 171
Glen More board game
Rank: 417
Trending: 2243
TIME Stories: The Marcy Case Expansion board game
TIME Stories: Prophecy of Dragons Expansion board game
AuZtralia board game
Rank: 702
Trending: 2224
Francis Drake board game
Rank: 780
Trending: 1296
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Yes similar.  Each player has their own power.  You have basic things like movement, but the meat of the game is challenges using dice.  The challenges appear all over the board as a time track goes by and when you try one you roll dice based on the type of challenge, the more dice the more chance of success but also the more chance of rolling Biffs...and when you roll Biffs he moves around the board and if he reaches George or Lorraine then you start losing points on the love meter...and that is its an interesting coordination of moving George and Lorraine and fighting Biff and trying to accomplish the goals of the game...all before running out of time.