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Popular Voting Board Games (Mechanic)

These are the board games with the Voting mechanic.
Dead of Winter: A Crossroads Game board game
Dixit board game
Rank: 61
Trending: 598
The Resistance board game
Rank: 66
Trending: 1098
Twilight Imperium 4th Edition board game
One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game
Rank: 93
Trending: 732
The Resistance: Avalon board game
Rank: 94
Trending: 486
Secret Hitler board game
Rank: 110
Trending: 295
Spyfall board game
Rank: 155
Trending: 527
Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition board game
Dixit: Odyssey board game
Rank: 340
Trending: 864
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GET OUTTA HERE WITH THAT ON MARS MESS!!!  (ok that was a bit aggressive!)

Out of the list of games you put I would guess Jaws.  For me personally, though I would have gone with #Merchants Cove, but I do not think it will actually deliver till 2021.  Some of the game that I have enjoyed that came out this year are

#The One Hundred Torii 

#Sorcerer City

#Tang Garden

#The Court of Miracles

But I do not think I would call them out as being game of the year...

Out of the games I have actually played this year I think my top at the moment, without deep thought is, Vast: The Mysterious Manor (if that is actualyl a might be a 2019)

Anyhow for me the judging should be whatever you like it to be!  Just not voting by members of the site.


here's a Twitter post from Elizabeth Hargrave that is super interesting, and may provide some ideads if BGA decides to have awards:

It's taking all my willpower to not reply to "direct popular voting for awards is profoundly broken" when I see it. I'll just get it off my chest once: you know Wingspan swept most juried awards too, right? The problem is not popular voting, it's badly-defined categories. 1/?

There is no consensus on what a "strategy" game is. Some people basically use it to mean "not mass market" or "more meaningful decisions than Candyland." Some people mean "weight over 3." 2/

Ditto on "family" game. People don't agree on what this means. A game I CAN play with my family? Plus the theme is appropriate and engaging for kids? Or "this is so light I would ONLY play it with kids?" (Which, also, varies by person) 3/

What does it mean to be a card game, and why do we care? Are Medium and Just One card games? Is Wingspan? Is it meaningful to single out Tussie Mussie and Point Salad as CARD games, or is it that they're light weight, short play time, inexpensive, small, etc? 4/

What does it mean to be "innovative"? Does it have to be a new mechanic? Can it be theme? Can it be busting the hegemony? This is one where I might agree "expert" opinion could be more helpful than crowdsourcing nominations. But I'm not sure experts would agree either. 5/

And I hate "thematic" as the new term for games with lots of narrative and output randomness, because it too feels unclear. It actually kinda mystifies me how that wasn't also "misused" by Wingspan fans, while they were at it, because Wingspan surely stands out for its THEME. 6/

If I were queen at @BoardGameGeek I'd look for ways to create meaningful, automated, mutually-exclusive categories that wouldn't require a jury to kill themselves defining which game is eligible for which categories. 7/

For example I think weight is what most people mean by "family" and "strategy". And every game has a weight rating! So why not:

  • Light games (<1.5)
  • Mid-weight games (1.5-3)
  • Heavy games (>3)

(This is basically what @theATTAs did IIRC) Can you think of others? 8/

But I'm not queen, and I know it's a lot of work to make something like the Golden Geeks happen, and a lot less work to complain about them on Twitter. And I am truly grateful for all the Wingspan love, in whatever imperfect categories people want to express it in. 9/9

Hahaha no blasphemy, I thought about posting it myself but was a bit disappointed by the results. It felt like more of a popularity contest where people are voting on their favorite game rather than looking at it objectively more. At the same time, I can see why some of the more "acceptable" results would've been difficult since they're not as widely owned.

1. We should, and I'm hoping we'll have a much larger user base to be able to run one well by the end of the year.

2. I have nothing against Wingspan, I think it's a great, solid game with very smart presentation. For "strategy," I think it's an understandable pick, since the other games aren't as widely owned (according to BGG, Wingspan - 38K, Maracaibo - 5K, Paladins - 9K). I just think that the other nominees are much more deserving of the title "most innovative". And I agree with the common sentiment that Wingspan isn't the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to card games. It's definitely card-driven, but it has enough of other components that puts it outside of that category. #The Crew: The Quest for Planet Nine or #Marvel Champions: The Card Game would've been indisputable choices.

3. This is hard to say since I haven't played many 2019 games that deserve this title. But I would say #Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated.

Part of the issue is that many games get rated without the people owning it yet. If there was an easy way to confirm that it’s owned like a retailer connection or photo confirmation, it could lead to a lot less hype voting wars.

I've been having issues voting in this poll: "There was an error in saving your vote. Please try again."

Well it of course depends on the game I'd be upgrading. I'm happy to spend money upgrading a game I love and know will get the playing time to justify it. I'm always looking at custom inserts to make setup/teardown easier and replacement components that I think are subpar. It's not a no-brainer for me, so voting is tough. I guess at the end of the day, if it's a game I love, I'd probably go for an expansion for that game over a new game. If expansions are out of the picture, I'd probably go for a new game over an upgrade.

Here are some of the upgrades I have, though.

  • For #7 Wonders Duel I have the Pantheon expansion, plus the Broken Token insert so it all fits in the same box.
  • I have a custom insert for #Century: Golem Edition to accommodate sleeved cards. My brother in law actually bought us the neoprene mat for the game, which is awesome, but I probably wouldn't have sprung for that one myself. I would love to get a general purpose neoprene mat for our table, though.
  • I haven't actually upgraded #Dune outside printing up some player aids and replacing the insert with little containers and sleeving the cards, but I am definitely looking at ways to make that game a more streamlined experience.