Disney Villainous board game
Disney Villainous board game

Disney Villainous

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In Villainous, each player takes control of one of six Disney characters, each one a villain in a different Disney movie. Each player has their own villain deck, fate deck, player board, and 3D character.

On a turn, the active player moves their character to a different location on their player board, takes one or more of the actions visible on that space (often by playing cards from their hand), then refills their hand to four cards. Cards are allies, items, effects, conditions, and (for some characters) curses. You need to use your cards to fulfill your unique win condition.

One of the actions allows you to choose another player, draw two cards from that player's fate deck, then play one of them on that player's board, covering two of the four action spaces on one of that player's locations. The fate deck contains heroes, items, and effects from that villain's movie, and these cards allow other players to mess with that particular villain.

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  • Fantastic art, component quality for a game at this price. But our six player games were excruciatingly long and boring between turns. Even with fewer players, it seemed a bit random in terms of how the cards came out.
  • I'd recommend assigning villains randomly.
  • Need to play this more, probably quite a bit more to figure out if we like it or not. First impressions were that it was okay but let down a bit by convoluted and unintuitive gameplay. Initially thought it would be more fun playing as a villain but it’s less engaging than it is inventive. The different paths, characteristics and mechanics of each villain are definitely the best part and very clever. Just took a long time and didn’t have as much entertainment and fun as we expected.
  • My wife and I have constantly played this game during quarantine. My kids sometimes join in. Great game
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Yeah I agree! Is Tabletopia similar to TTS? I have an account there and occasionally will guilt trip a friend into trying something new out with me. Most recently it was #Cosmic Frog. As long as I play #Disney Villainous with him every so often, it seems to go okay lol.

I have to of course suggest my favorite game #Wingspan. Not too heavy, probably around the same as #Disney Villainous. Then there's #The Castles of Burgundy which pubmeeple.com tells me is my favorite game :P

If you want heavier than that, #Terraforming Mars for sure

Technically I'm still at my start so all is fresh.

We didn't know much other than the occasional Catan friends would bust out. Apart from stuff like Scattergories and Monopoly Deal, I was turned on (BGArena and Youtube helped with this) to having a few games for ourselves. We picked up #Exploding Kittens , #Codenames and #Sushi Go! . Was all so fresh to us and we really enjoyed them!

The next year while travelling in New York, we grabbed #Risk: Game of Thrones at the HBO HQ shop which was cool as we love the show. Then some time later we bought #Disney Villainous which really surprised us. I was just looking for a decent game that wasn't too easy and that my SO would find approachable. As big disney fans, we loved the look of the game and were blown away that there was a great game to be played too. We began to ask what else could be out there and started talking about maybe having a collection one day.

Fast forward to 2020, as we hadn't really acted on our collection plans yet. Pandemic hit, decided I had time to do some research and now I consider board games a hobby of mine. Some additions over the past several months being: #Point Salad , #Skull , #Just One , #Fort , #Decrypto . Now we're on the lookout for some weightier games to balance what we already have. Collection is still small so everything gets its run. 

Seeing that I still am at the start of my venture into the hobby, this is fun. I actually found BoardGamePrices early on and it helped a ton (thank goodness for the canadian prices being there too). I recommend it to all my buddies who are taking steps into the hobby themselves. BGA has also been an amazing find to read and share all kinds of things.

With 200 I'd prob go with:

#Disney Villainous - #Spirit Island - #Just One - #Medium - #Viticulture: Essential Edition - #Tokaido

A couple games on my wishlist that are not spoken about much and hard to find are:

#Let's Make a Bus Route - With coming across so much Roll/Flip n Writes at the start of my journey, this one jumped out as everyone is writing on the same communal board. Would love to find this one day as I know it's out there.

#Remember Our Trip - Such an interesting theme. Luckily a publisher has picked this up and it may finally be available to many sooner than later. 

#Eye My Favorite Things - This may be impossible to get at this point but it gives a regular trick-taking game a whole personal aspect as you get to know those around you better and have fun while doing so. All these games remain on wishlist even with the chances I may not end up finding them. 

Always enjoyed board games, playing a lot of the classics growing up. Then proceeded to the occasional Catan games with friends. Then a few years ago I believe I came across TableTop on Youtube with Wheaton and the #Tokaido gameplay made me realize there was much more out there. Loved Tokaido and eventually found it on BGArena while discovering some other games in the process like #Takenoko. Finally decided to get some of our own over the past years like #Codenames , #Risk: Game of Thrones and #Sushi Go!

Wasn't until our purchase of #Disney Villainous a couple years ago that we thought we could eventually have a small collection one day. While we did make a few additions over time and loved playing, it wasn't something we looked into much. Fast forward to 2020. Being someone who plays and follows a lot of sports, obviously many things were paused due to the pandemic. While unfortunate, this gave me time to look into other things, like board games!

I went back and continued to learn new games to me on BGArena like #7 Wonders , #Lost Cities , #Puerto Rico among many others. Being someone who loves to plan and research, found myself learning a ton in such a short time as I continued the deep dive into my newest hobby. Learned about content creators, got TableTop Sim to try out stuff, and of course added to the wishlist and the collection. 

These days our collection is taking shape slowly but surely (budget and room). I'm usually the teacher now so I do like to cater it to games I enjoy that I know my GF and friends will also like. Don't see myself having hundreds of games or anything, but plan is to start adding some variety in weight as well with games like #Architects of the West Kingdom , #Viticulture: Essential Edition and #Spirit Island high on the wishlist. Weight doesn't matter though as I will enjoy and have fun with any and all games as long as our group is having fun. I find myself learning more about the industry now to maybe take part in things like rule book writing when I can. The board game hobby and its community has been a joy to discover throughout the year and has def been the bright spot of 2020. 

PS. Still plan on owning Tokaido someday :)

#Disney Villainous is a favourite for us! Have all but one expansion and surely will be interested in the other one they have planned. Yet to try #Betrayal at House on the Hill being new to hobby, but I'm sure we'll get to soon. We just got #Disney Hocus Pocus: The Game which should be fun and quite fitting for the season!

The closest thing I can think of is #Disney Villainous. I would never have picked up a used copy of this had it not been about Disney, and it's because of that reason that I'll happily part with it if someone's interested in buying.

Other than that though, I think the more likely case to think about for me is--how many games in my collection would I have not bought if the production value had been a little less stellar of if it had been less good looking?

Uhhh I have a relatively small collection so that would be pretty hard lol. I was actually thinking about my shelf space last night, wondering where I would place #Too Many Bones if I were to buy it haha

There are couple of spots that will open up though.

So really, I can probably make space for #Too Many Bones! But yes, storage will be an issue for me and I'll likely need to come up with a solution so that I can limit myself to ~40-50 games.