LORE: A Beautiful Adventure Board Game

2024 Β· 2-4 Players Β· 60-90 Minutes
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LORE: A Beautiful Adventure Board Game board game
LORE: A Beautiful Adventure Board Game board game

A new take on old school fantasy! Lore is a unique game experience featuring intriguing mechanics and a sparkling theme.

Lore is a thematic game of action selection, card play, dice rolling, and character building, sprinkled with seeds to grow your own story. Featuring beautiful components and a treasure trove of lavish art, Lore will charm with its adventures, characters, and storytelling.

Players will forge their legends playing as one of four mythic archetypes. Lore takes place over the course of 3 days (rounds). On each day, each player will take 4 turns. Each turn includes 3 phases: the Event, Movement, and Action phases.

Earn renown by completing quests. Each quest will have different requirements, such as seeking treasure or dueling fearsome monsters. The game ends when the last player has finished their night turn on the third day. The player with the most renown wins!

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Year Published2024
Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 60-90 Minutes
Minimum Age 12
Mechanics Action Selection, Character Progression, Dice Rolling
Categories Fantasy
Learning Complexity N/A[Vote]
Strategy Complexity N/A[Vote]
Official Site Official Website
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