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The prosperous Kingdom of Green gully, ruled for centuries by the Forever King, has issued a decree to its citizens to colonize the vast lands beyond its borders. In an ef-fort to start a new village, the Forever King has selected 6 citizens for the task, each of whom has a unique set of skills they use to build their charter. In Charter stone, a competitive legacy game, players construct buildings and inhabit a shared village. Building stickers are removed from cards and permanently added to your charter on the board, becoming action spaces for any player to use. Thus, a few available buildings soon grow into a bustling village with dozens of actions.

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  • Very clever game. Finished 8 games over 3 days with a friend. It is a bit of multiplayer solitaire, but I like WP games and that is often the case. I do feel like I'm in a bit of a rut in terms of playing the same combo of cards / mechanics, but the results are good (leading in victories at this point). The rules overhead can be a bit daunting which is why I'm focusing on my little comfortable corner of the map.
  • Still NIS
  • We finished the first play through. Our group really enjoyed this game. We are considering getting the recharge pack. We made a whole side story in the game to make our charactors feel more real. The game was very close right up till the end. And the winner was a total surprise. We got it at Christmas and played about once a week. I definitely recommend the game, but i know that its not for everyone.
  • City building
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My biggest misses for me:

  1. #Welcome Back to the Dungeon - A push your luck game that was too clunky for me.  Haven't played in a couple of years and on the trading/chopping block, if I ever get around to it.
  2. #Catan - Not sure what the love for this game is about. 
  3. #Bob Ross the Art of Chill - Too clunky for what it is intended to be
  4. #Charterstone - my group only did the first 4 games before we lost interest.  No desire to pick it back up.
  5. #Colony - I'm sure there is a good game hidden in there someplace but I don't have the desire to go digging for it.
  6. #Munchkin - oh dear God just shoot me before I'd play this again.
  7. #Shipwrights of the North Sea - BORING. Oh so boring

Finally played a proper game of #Letter Jam, further confirming I don't like word games. Also played our 8th game of #Charterstone, loving it, but some of the rules could be clearer

I have an unopened copy or #Architects of the West Kingdom: Age of Artisans (expansion to #Architects of the West Kingdom 

I also have opened but unplayed copies of #Charterstone and #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 (Blue Box).  

Games I'd love to trade for are #The Gallerist, #Cooper Island, #DinoGenics, #Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion, #Marvel Champions: The Card Game - Thor Hero Pack, or #Brass: Birmingham.  I'm open to other offers as well as this is a fairly specific list.  :)

I live in Texas for the purpose of calculating shipping costs

#Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 currently sits on my shelf as I got it at a discount and look forward to playing it but have to wait for the right timing because I'd like to play it with my family or Becky at least.

I've played most of #Scythe: The Rise of Fenris and it is a great legacy experience (though somewhat short) and the best experience when you have a great grasp of all the factions and the basic gameplay (I wouldn't recommend starting out with Fenris)

#Gloomhaven was my first legacy experience and broke me through the wall of thinking I'd just prefer a one-and-done game.  I went into playing it not being 100% sure how much I'd like it.  The consequences from one game to the next are nearly as complex and weighty as in Pandemic (from what I understand) but the layered choices from which quest path to choice, to which cards to add as you level up, to the diversity of characters to choice from and the variability between characters make every session unique.  Not to mention that each scenario seems to have it's own unique twists.

#Charterstone is another legacy game sitting on my shelf waiting to be played.  I just have to wait for the right timing. #Sword & Sorcery: Immortal Souls was another legacy game I nearly forgot about.  I enjoyed it but the story and development of characters are limited compared to Gloomhaven and so it got traded some time ago.

Finally got #Charterstone to the table. With checking the rules, and snack breaks and interuptions it took almost 3 hours to finish, but everyone loved it.


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