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Hyperborea board game


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Embark on an epic quest to build your mythical nation into the greatest empire known to mankind. Capture land, defeat monsters and discover new technologies on the rise to greatness. Hyperborean uses an all-new "bag-building" mechanic that simulates the depth of a civilization game in a much shorter play time. Your bag will contain the cubes you need to develop your nation from a fledgling upstart to a mighty civilization.

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  • An innovative combo of tried-and-true mechanics, with a few original ones tossed in for good measure. A brain-burner, to be sure; but AP isn't much of a problem since you know most of your options for next turn at the end of your current one! And now, the negatives:-the theme is close to being there, but not quite: it's a cube-pusher, and only a civ-building game in the most fertile of imaginations. Speaking of fertile:-the art is generally good (especially on the cards), and some of the miniature races look great. The Green Archers, though, when viewed on the game-board, look like American marines storming ashore at Normandy. And the Old Blue Dudes? Well, quite unintentionally on the part of the artist (I hope!), the Old Blue Dudes miniatures look like they've stumbled on the long, lost vault of Viagra. Look at one of them to see what I mean: it's difficult not to notice their...uh, enthusiasm.-this is the worst game I have ever seen for the colour-blind. It is impossible to be played as produced. Sure, the tech-markers have symbols on them; but those symbols are pretty faint.Having said all those negatives, Hyperborea is a good game, but only if you don't have the faintest hint of colour-blindness; and even if you can distinguish colours perfectly, you're still going to be struggling at times to figure out what the heck that cube is which you just drew!
  • I really appreciate the inovation in this game, the building a bag to hedge your bets on certain actions. Setting up actions for later turns. Building a 'deck' of actions. Areas on the board providing actions periodically encouraging area control. Player powers that push you in a certain direction but not giving space for you to adapt to the game. Unfortunately, at least for me, there were a few too many mechanics and none of them really popped. The culmination is all of them served to distract from the others. It meant I was never invested enough in any one aspect to really settle into the game: Stuff was happening on the map but I had to be focusing on the market and thinking what was in my bag and contemplating my player board so I didn't have time to appreciate any of it without slowing the game down. I would love to see a stripped down game with just one or two of these mechanics developed really well.
  • Played once, was allright. No need to buy this one though.
  • A weird mix of euro bag building and dudes on a map but, it works! Definitely enjoy this when we play. I'm not quite sure why this isnt more popular. Its kind of a hidden gem of sorts.
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Hyperborea is my choice. Came out to much hype originally but has fallen off. Maybe due to Orleans coming out around the same time (both are bag building games). Still the art, theme and gameplay of this one is great. And its priced at a steal too. 


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