Paperback board game
Paperback board game


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Paperback is a card game where players create words using individual letters. Gameplay is for 2-5 players and typically takes 45 minutes. To play, you score words in order to buy better letters with cool abilities. But scoring won't win the game - you must finish novels to make it as a paperback writer!

Game Contents
  • Sturdy Two-Piece Box
  • 200+ Grey-Core Linen-Finish Cards
  • Full Color Instructions
  • Wooden Counters
  • Dividers for Organizing
Product Reviews

"I love word games and I love deck builders - now I can get both in one game! Paperback is a blast to play, and much easier to get into for my less geeky friends than many of the other fantasy-themed deck building games." -Jeff Cannata of the Totally Rad Show

"Paperback is a terrific game for just about anyone. Serious gamers can geek out on the clever use of deckbuilding mechanisms in a classic word game. Casual players can enjoy the easy gameplay and creativity they express in their word choices each turn. Families can delight in the well-disguised educational value and very obvious fun Paperback provides. Our family and friends have had a great time playing Paperback and I know you will, too." -Eric R. Burgess of Boardgame Babylon

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  • though the game is decent as a mix of Dominion plus Scrabble i mostly bought this game to play with my sister who is a fan of both Dominion and's good but i'm still bad at word games.
  • --Mar2014-- Really very cute; one of the best applications of the deck building conceit I've yet seen.
  • THE GRAIN OF SALT: I generally don't like word games.*****A very light combo of Dominion and Quiddler, NOT Scrabble! As a deck-builder, it's extremely generic. What gives it life is the copy of Quiddler that's been attached to it; and it is a fair bit better than Quiddler, but far worse than Dominion. The themeing is absolutely pasted on; but I do love the paperback novels' flavour text!I have no idea why people think this is such a great game.....
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I think probably the most complicated game I've ever taught them was #Viticulture: Essential Edition and then 2nd most would be #Captain Sonar.  Both have not really caught on for them haha.  We've played #Codenames several times though and my dad likes certain types of word games so we've introduced him to #Letter Jam and #Paperback

I have a few:

#Star Wars: Rebellion I would love to play but don;t think I'd get anyone who wanted to invest the time to play and it would be too intimidating.  I already have #Firefly The Game and it only gets about one play a year (but I love it!).  

#Brass: Birmingham is a game on my list and while I think these a chance to get it played with others I do have some fear it will struggle to get plays.  I am hopeful I have a group of whiskey sipping friends willing to sit down to this one though.

#Edge of Darkness is a game I'd love to play but don't see anyone being willing to sit through it with me.  Seems to have mixed reviews which makes it tough to sell if I was to get it and find it fall short of expectations.

#Rising Sun is rated highly and seems like it would be fun and I'd love to play but again, I never see the time or willingness for other's to play.  

#Paperback I'd love to play and I can see getting my family to play this one!!  

Looking for trade for #Paydirt and #Sierra West and interested in attaining #Raiders of Scythia, #Paperback, #The Quacks of Quedlinburg, & #Near and Far.  I have #The 7th Continent with three expansions (smaller ones) that I'd swap for #Maracaibo, #DinoGenics, or a combination of above options.  

I have been really enjoying Deck builders for the last few years. There's a lot of fun ones like Dominion 2nd EditionAscension: Deckbuilding Game, and Tim Fowers Paperback - The Card Game.


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