Mistfall board game
Mistfall board game


Mistfall is a fully cooperative adventure game set in a fantasy world of mystery, eldritch powers and high adventure.

At the start of the game each player chooses a hero with a fixed deck of equipment and power cards, before embarking on a dangerous journey through a set of monster-ridden locations. Each hero also comes with a pool of advanced abilities that can be added to their basic deck during the game to customize and expand their powers. A variable board setup, randomized encounters and enemies, a simple but robust monster AI - all that makes for a game that is a varied and challenging experience both solitaire as well as with a group of up to three friends.

Gather up your resolve, check your gear and get ready to brave the unrelenting Mists. A world of perilous adventures awaits!

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  • Co-op / Solo
  • The rules are awful, and because of that a lot of people give up or don't play right. But if you suffer through them and get to the game, it's a meaty hand/deck management game with deck-building components that makes you feel like an absolute beast as you string together combos to defeat enemies, protect your friends, and manipulate the areas around you. Best deck building/management I've seen in a cooperative game.
  • There's a lot of good and interesting stuff here. The character variety and depth is superb. At the end of the day, though, it's just not worth wrestling with the game system itself. The rules are relatively straightforward--complaints in this area are dramatically overblown--but dealing with the deluge of conditional effects, special powers, card text, etc. etc. is more work than fun. Plus, some encounters are well-nigh unwinnable for certain groups, whereas others will be a cakewalk. In a way, this is what Sentinels of the Multiverse might look like if it were more of an actual game; and I say that despite loving Sentinels and recognizing it's not much of a design. Mistfall just ends up being not worth it.
  • The graphic design of this game left a lot to be desired. Deciphering the small writing on the cards was always an effort. I also did not like that characters really powered up during a scenario, (how did they get all those powerful new skills in the middle of a pile of skulls or an old battlefield?). And when the scenario was over, they suddenly lost almost everything and had to start over. Traded away happily.
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We were (and still are) one game from finishing #Pandemic Legacy: Season 1 when the actual pandemic struck. The plan after that was to play through #Mistfall, I played couple of games with my partner when I first got it but wanted to play with our good friend through all the missions. As such it has sat on our shelf for months without getting a play.

I have had a really enjoyable time with #Mistfall, it is a deck building combat game, entirely co-op. It is certainly on the heavy end but that allows for some really interesting combos and each character feels very unique in their play style (except the two wizards who are a bit samey). The weight/variance also makes quarterbacking impossible so everyone gets to feel involved.

#Arkham Horror: The Card Game is lighter in some aspects but is a wonderfully thematic legacy style co-op game, that I've never heard of anyone not enjoying.

Both of these have luck in terms of card draw, but certainly in Mistfall, you have a great degree of control over so many aspects of what you do that the luck factor is minimal in reality.


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