Top 5 Board Games to Back on Kickstarter in February 2020

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Long time no see! I bet you’re thirsty for some good board game recommendations and the good old Loodo (me) is about to give them to you! Let me guide you and your wallet once again. Let’s go!

Tanares Adventures + Arena the Contest

A well received skirmish game is back for these who have missed it previously. Arena the Contest 1.5 comes with upgraded rules and better looking minis. The new Kickstarter campaign is about much, much more though. The creators from Dragori Games have actually designed a second game located in the same world, using many of AtC’s components. Tanares Adventures, because that’s what it’s called, is a co-op game for 1-8 players.

The main campaign is 100 hours long and every quest...


Marshwiggle92 Supporter3 months ago | 1 point[-]

1-8 players??? I wonder how well it scales.