Norse Grimoire for 5E & Journey to Ragnarok Reprint

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Journey To Ragnarok is based on almost 20 years of research, and that work has continued for Norse Grimoire. Going back to ancient sources including Runic Poems and authentic grimoires, a supplement has been created which allows you to integrate Galdrastafir (Icelandic magical staves) and the Elder Futhark (the alphabet of the Runes of Knowledge) into your campaigns.

Galdrakver and Samtiningur grimoires

Mockup of the layout design of the Galdsrastafir section in Norse Grimoire.

You can get a PDF of the Norse Grimoire for only €12 (~$14), a hardcover copy with the PDF and a D24 RuneDie for €44 (~$50), or a Deluxe edition with the PDF and a D24 RuneDie for €94 (~$107). Check out the campaign before it ends on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

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About Norse Grimoire

Norse Grimoire is a collection of rituals and magical signs for 5E. It includes topics such as:

  • Runes of Knowledge
  • Encrypted Runes
  • 24 Runes of the Elder Futhark
  • Icelandic Magical Staves
  • 36 Galdrastafir
  • Tattoos & Ritual Paintings

Norse Grimoire is available in PDF, hardcover, and Deluxe hardcover editions. Approximately 160 full-color pages are based on years of research, and an extensive Bibliography of that research is included.

Journey To Ragnarok

Journey to Ragnarok is a 336-page adventure and setting module for 5E, inspired by Norse myths and legends. This campaign gives you the opportunity to acquire a hardcover or PDF copy. It has received new editing by the award-winning author and translator Jason R. Forbus, and the few typos and mistakes present in the first printing have been corrected.

The Rune Thief

The Rune Thief is a 128-page book available in hardcover or PDF. It is a series of 9 adventures that can be linked to form a campaign from the 1st to 7th level.

The Grey Wanderer

The Grey Wanderer is an introductory adventure for characters from the 1st to 4th level. It is available as a PDF in this campaign.

Battles Beyond the Sea

Battles Beyond the Sea is an adventure module for players from 4th to 7th level. It is available as a PDF in this campaign.

Omnibus PDF Bundle

The Journey to Ragnarok Omnibus PDF Bundle is exclusive to this campaign, and includes:

  • Journey To Ragnarok - Adventure and Setting (PDF)
  • Journey To Ragnarok - The Grey Wanderer (PDF)
  • Journey To Ragnarok - Battles Beyond The Sea (PDF)
  • Journey To Ragnarok - The Rune Thief (PDF)
  • Journey To Ragnarok - Maps Pack (PDF)
  • Journey To Ragnarok - Tokens Pack (PDF)
  • Journey To Ragnarok - Pregen. Characters Pack (PDF)

Pledges that includes the Journey to Ragnarok Omnibus PDF Bundle start at 49 (~$56).

D24 RuneDie

The color combination of the second edition of the D24 RuneDie will be voted on by backers of this campaign. The Bænarstafur Dice Bag stretch goal will be included for free in every physical pledge that includes a D24 RuneDie.

GM Screen

The GM Screen is available as part of the Norn pledge level, or as an add-on.

More on Kickstarter

Rosso's Guide to Ragnarok and an adventure written by Alex Melluso will both be available as a free PDF for every backer. There are many different options for pledge levels and great stretch goals about to be unlocked, so be sure to check out the Kickstarter before it ends on Wednesday, March 18, 2020.

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