4 Upcoming Kickstarter Board Games – Winter, Spring and Onwards

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Today let’s check out 4 games that are supposed to appear on Kickstarter this year. Some titles are launching in late winter / early spring and some have no date specified other than 2020. Enjoy!

Ruins: Death Binder – February 20th

Games where solo mode is the main or only way of playing are rare. Single player option is often added last minute and it tends to end up disappointing. That’s why it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ruins: Death Binder got our attention as soon as it was announced. It’s first and foremost a solo, card driven game, set in a dark fantasy world that feels a bit like Dark Souls. Interestingly: apart from the core, story based campaign there also is a co-op mode for 2 players, if you’d like to tackle the challenges and bosses with a friend.

The story begins with your amnesiac character waking up in a dark room, close to a dead body. After a painful awakening and realization that you have no clue what’s going on, you start feeling drawn towards a pair of mysterious...


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