LOODO NINJA – 5 Best Board Games to Back on Kickstarter Right Now

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I’m back, this time after a much shorter break. If your wallets need some Kickstarter related guidance, I’m here for you! Let’s talk about some great campaigns running right now or coming really soon.

🎲 Conan: the Conqueror – Adventure Mode Expansion

Monolith is back with a new Conan campaign after some chaos that happened during the previous one. This time we’ll be getting something much smaller but certainly worthwhile for the fans (like yours truly). Basic pledge includes 55 new miniatures, 2 maps and a set of spell cards. There is also an expansion called Tome of Skelos included and it’s compatible with all versions of the game: Kickstarter and retail. The campaign was also offering pledges with the full...


Marshwiggle92 Supporter3 months ago | 1 point[-]

#Kanban EV is the one that interests me, but I won't get it.