First Ever World Series of Board Gaming Event Announced with $25k Grand Prize

World Series of Board Gaming Rings

The very first thing that kicked off the Dice Tower Autumn Spectacular was an announcement of a big and first-of-its-kind event that is coming. It was announced that in Las Vegas next year, September 28th through October 2nd, there will be the first-ever WORLD SERIES OF BOARD GAMING with gold championship rings and a grand prize of $25,000! In addition, to the announcement via Dice Tower, additional information from PR director Brian Muller in this original Board Game Halv article

Over the first four days will be preliminary "ring rounds" of 16 different games that will be announced by different board game personalities over the month of October (list below will be updated as they are announced). Two games on 9/28, 4 games on 9/29, 5 games on 9/30 and 5 games on 10/1 that will have several rounds. The winner of each will not only advance to the semi-finals, but they will take home a championship ring! You can play in up to four of these ring rounds, a maximum of one per day.

The finals will take place on Sunday, October 2, 2022. 16 players will be split into 4 games, all of which they hadn't played in the initial ring rounds (there will be a drawing, as well as, a veto system). This will result in a 4 player final game that will again be a new game from the 16 that no one played and that will determine the ultimate winner that will take home the $25k and a $3k championship bracelet. Second place will get $10k and third place will take home $5k.

There is will also be the whole convention experience with an exhibitor hall and side-events! Pricing and more details are still to come...


Check out the official World Series of Board Games Las Vegas Page:


I will list the games here as they get announced throughout the coming weeks:

  1. #Blood Rage (Announced via: Dice Tower)
  2. #Ra (Announced via: Dice Tower)
  3. #Azul (Announced via: Man vs Meeple)
  4. #7 Wonders with #7 Wonders: Leaders Expansion (Announced via: Man vs Meeple)
  5. #Splendor (Announced via: Watch It Played)
  6. #Dune: Imperium (Announced via: Drive Thru Games)
  7. #Ticket to Ride (Announced via: Blue Peg Pink Peg)
  8. #Catan (Announced via: Tim Chuon)
  9. #Carcassonne (Announced via: Roll For Crit)
  10. #Great Western Trail (Announced via: Brother's Murph)
  11. #Terraforming Mars (Announced via: Quackalope)
  12. #Brass: Birmingham (Announced via: Rolling Dice & Taking Names)
  13. #Dominant Species: Marine (Announced via: The Geek All Stars)
  14. #Gaia Project (Announced via: Secret Cabal)
  15. #Wingspan (Announced via: Lord of the Board)
  16. #Acquire (Announced via: Gaming Rules)

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16 months ago

My question is are they going to be the gold standard general classics like #Splendor, #Catan, #Carcassonne, etc. Or is it going to be new hot stuff like #Dinosaur World, #Furnace, etc? At least I know there will be no cooperative games...

15 months ago

Haha, nailed it! I guess we are just waiting to see what new games are on the list.

Moderator Level 115 months ago

Looks like you made some good guesses! It is great to see so many of the iconic staples like #Splendor#Catan and #Carcassonne on the list!

16 months ago

Yes, Dune: Imperium, I am in!! I like this mix so far. I have to assume that #Carcassonne and #Catan are going to be on this list.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

Looks like you were absolutely right. Couldn't have had a proper world series without those two!

16 months ago

This is a pretty cool announcement.  I doubt I can get the wife to let me go to Vegas for a 2nd time next year  (I usually go for March Madness) but I hope the event turns out well and they continue it into the future. 

16 months ago

Yea, I would like to see how year 1 goes anyway. Could be amazing or could be a complete mess, but why not wait a bit and let them get the kinks out.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

I was able to speak with Brian Muller, Director of Public Relations at the World Series of Board Gaming and got some new information. Here are some key takeaways:

  • The game selection will be a mix of old classics and cult of the new. Two of the games were published this year.
  • The preliminary 16 game rounds (ring rounds) will be 2 of the games on Wednesday, 4 on Thursday, 5 on Friday and 5 on Saturday. That is why you can play in up to 4, you can only play 1 game per day. Finals will be on Sunday. Tom Vasel is announcing/playing a game he likes on Oct 6th.
  • The ring rounds will most likely be 4+ rounds (depending on length of game) and single elimination. There are no 2 player games.
  • They are not ready to roll out pricing information yet, but he said when tickets open there is going to be a "sweet" hotel and 4 days of gaming package (250 of those packages total).
  • The people behind the organization are "9 owners all but one of us are board gamers at some level…some want to remain anonymous."
  • The scope of the side events (called Outer Rim Events) will be determined by ticket sales but they hope Twilight Imperium will be one of them.

Moderator Level 116 months ago

This sounds great! I love that board games are growing in this way.

15 months ago

#Brass: Birmingham is a absolute favorite of mine but games take so long! I don't know how they are going to have a full ring event of that one in a day when you compare it to some of the others on the list like #Carcassonne and #Splendor!

Moderator Level 116 months ago

Looks like #Blood Rage is going to be one of the games. During one of the Dice Tower Autumn Spectacular videos coming up (, the description says that they are giving away two entries to the event worth $250 each that can be used for any game "not just Blood Rage".

16 months ago

I am glad it is not going to be all new games.

15 months ago

Since it looks like there is still going to be a game that was published this year and it has to accomodate 3 and 4 people, I am saying #Cubitos!


Comment deleted.
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